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Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Review

Updated: February 02, 2014

Bottom Line

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company is one of the largest, most stable life insurance companies in the USA. The company offers a full range of life insurance policies, as well as financial and investment packages. They have one of the lowest incidences of customer complaints, which indicates a no-fuss approach to payouts. However, it's not the lowest-price, so it may pay to shop around to be sure you're getting the best rates.



  • Stellar financial stability
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Wide range of life insurance products


  • Rates may not be lowest
Our Analysis


A full-service company. Northwestern Mutual Life offers a full range of life insurance products, including term life insurance, several types of permanent life insurance and hybrid policies that combine the two. They don't offer auto or home insurance but do have disability and long-term care insurance as well as financial and retirement investment products, and 529 educational plans. It's somewhat pricier than companies that are not as solid, so if cost is your primary driver, it can pay to shop around.

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