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Best Luggage Sets

By: Kelly Burgess on September 29, 2017

Luggage sets are a great value

Luggage sets are popular with many travelers. They allow you to get more bags for less money, and people who like matching luggage love the range of colors and patterns that luggage sets offer. That said, many frequent fliers prefer to buy their bags a la carte so they can match specific bags to specific travel needs. For them, we suggest checking out our recommendations for best spinner and rolling luggage elsewhere in this report. Many of our top picks also have smaller or larger choices and you can mix and match and make a set from there -- although that will probably be pricier.

Very affordable, with a nice variety of bags, the American Tourister Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Set (Est. $65 to $95) gets great reviews from owners for its attractive styling. It comes in black, red, green, purple, violet and blue.

The bags that come with this Fieldbrook set are said to be a good assortment by users. It includes a boarding bag that will fit under an airline seat and will hold snacks, books, a small tablet and other personal items you may need for even longer trips. It also includes a 21-inch suitcase that will fit in most overhead compartments, a 23-inch wheeled duffel, and a 25-inch bag. All four bags have outer pockets for boarding documents or other items you may need quick access to. The duffel is a standard, one compartment bag, and both suitcases have compression systems.

Most reviewers say these bags hold up very well for most travel situations, although some complain of durability issues with the handles or wheels, as well as material that frays quickly and zippers that stick. A few also say the bags were smaller than they expected. Still, there are very few complaints and most say this set is a great value.

Quite a few experts say the only luggage set you need is the combination that flight crew members use: a wheeled bag that fits in the overhead compartment and a smaller bag that fits under the seat and can sit on top of the wheeled bag for transport. And the Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set (Est. $35 and up) is a stylish choice for that combination. It's a perfect combination for a weekend trip or a few days, although some travelers say they were able to fit enough clothes in this set for five days. Plenty of adults love it, but many say they bought it for teenagers or older children. It comes in dozens of patterns and colors, and the suitcase fits easily into almost all overhead bins. We saw quite a few comments from people who said they felt that it paid for itself after just one trip.

Most reviewers say that it seems as if the quality of the Rockland 2-piece set is very good, and we saw several reports that it is a great choice for travel in Europe because of the smaller size and lighter weight -- the larger bag weighs about six pounds. A few complain that it's smaller than they thought it would be, but, overall, most are extremely pleased -- many have bought more than one set for various family members.

Even the smallest tot can tote their own bag

It's tough to travel with small children, parents have enough to haul without having to carry extra bags for the little ones. And little kids need plenty of stuff to keep them entertained while in flight. With Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage (Est. $30) toddlers as young as 15 months can pull their own bag through the airport. Of course, they won't be able to move too quickly, so this adorable wheeled bag also has a parent strap in case the little one gets tired or you need to pick them up and move more quickly. According to parents, their children continue to use these bags until about age 5. And they're very durable; owners say they last for years, even through multiple siblings.

Skip Hop Zoo Luggage comes in seven cute designs (as of the time of this report), and the matching Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks (Est. $20) are our Best Reviewed toddler backpacks in our separate report on backpacks. The luggage has a front pocket, fairly large interior container, and a side holder for a water bottle.

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