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By: Kelly Burgess on July 24, 2017

Bottom Line

The Casper mattress is a 10-inch thick mattress that is made of a combination of known and proprietary foams with a removable, washable polyester/polypropylene cover. It's supportive for most types of sleepers, but gets poorer reviews for edge support.


  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • Good support for most users
  • Assembled in USA
  • Durable


  • Only one model available
  • Edge support may not be adequate for some
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down


Comfortable for most sleepers. tests the queen-sized Casper mattress and awards it Recommended status in the foam mattress category. It earns ratings of Very Good across the board for support for all types of sleepers, as well as for stabilization, which means it reduces motion transfer. Derek Hales at also tests the Casper and gives it an overall rating of 4.2 stars, with 4 stars for comfort, and 3.3 stars for edge support. Kevin Purdy, testing the Casper for says the Casper feels "medium firm" and concludes that, "Casper's mix of four foams may work better for people who switch positions often, especially onto their back, or for couples that include back-sleepers." Purdy also writes that "Casper states its mattress "best supports" people who weigh 250 pounds or less, or a combined weight of 450 pounds for two people." However, we contacted Casper, and their customer service department insists there is no upper weight limit for their mattress and that its supportive foam makes it suitable for any sized person.

The Casper earns an overall customer satisfaction rating of 80 percent at, based on its analysis of 268 customer experiences. Its gets lower ratings for poor edge support, which Hales found to be an issue as well. Unlike some other mattress companies that have reviews available only on their website, there are plenty of reviews for the Casper at, and most are highly positive. Although reviews for comfort are always subjective, most say the Casper is a very comfortable, supportive mattress; other say it's much too hard or much too soft. Digging into the reviews, we found that poor edge support is one of the most common complaints, so if you tend to sleep close to the edge, or roll around a lot in your sleep, this might not be your best choice. Casper offers a no-fee, 100-night trial and returns are said to be easy and hassle-free -- the company sends a courier to pick the mattress up it you don't want it. If you buy through, however, the mattress is subject to their 30-day return policy and it must be returned to Amazon.


Costs less than most comparable mattresses. Casper's entire justification for its existence was to make the mattress buying experience less mystifying by offering a high-quality, low-priced mattress that's shipped right to your door. In that, it has succeeded. names it a Best Buy and, in testing there, the Casper mattress performs as well or better as mattresses costing far more, such as the much-pricier Tempur-Pedic line. The Casper gets a "B" for affordability at, and Hales gives it 4 stars for value. Shipping is free, and white glove, same day delivery (also free) is available in some areas.


Not much feedback on real-world use. tests durability by simulating eight years of use, and awards the Casper an Excellent in that category. gives Casper a "B" for longevity/durability, saying, "Long-term owner data is limited but suggests that the mattress has an above-average lifespan." Since the company has only been around since 2014, it's not possible to evaluate long-term durability in real-world use at this time. In addition, Casper has redesigned its mattress twice since its inception, so, technically, the older reviews are for a slightly different mattress. The Casper is covered by a 10-year warranty and the company is reported as responsive to customer complaints.

Our Sources

Editors of, May 22, 2017

Casper earns an owner satisfaction rating of 80 percent in 268 reviews, making it one of the highest-rated foam mattresses overall. The company gets kudos for its convenient returns, but editors note that there is only one model and firmness available.

Editors of, Not Dated

The Casper is the second-highest rated mattress in this roundup of more than 40 foam mattresses (all types of foam are included in the category). Editors consider support for side and back sleepers, firmness claims, stabilization and durability.

Derek Hales, Not Dated

Mattress reviewer Derek Hales gives the Casper a "B" rating and an overall score of 4.2 out of 5. He says he has been reviewing this mattress since he first launched his website in 2015, and offers a detailed explanation of how Casper has changed its mattress over that time frame. It's worth noting that Casper is suing him over his reviews and he is fighting the lawsuit. 

Kevin Purdy, June 1, 2017

While Kevin Purdy recommends the Leesa as the best mattress for most people, the Casper is the runner up here. In testing, it was determined to be best for people who switch position often in their sleep, especially those who rotate between side and back sleeping. In fact, they recommend it for, "occasional back-sleepers, and shared beds involving back-sleepers."

Contributors to, As of July 2017

In roughly 860 reviews, the Casper mattress earns an overall rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. Most say it's a very comfortable mattress and are thrilled with the value. Less positive reviews are all over the place -- too soft, too hard, caused upper body pain, caused lower body pain. This points to the reality that mattress comfort is highly subjective.

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