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Sealy Performance Collection Review

By: Kelly Burgess on July 24, 2017

Bottom Line

The Sealy Performance Collection is the first in the Response Line series to feature Sealy's popular Posturepedic technology. Posturepedic mattresses have historically gotten good reviews for comfort and support.


  • Good support
  • Good for both side and back sleepers
  • Widely available to try in person
  • 10-year warranty


  • May be too soft for some
  • Can sag in the middle over time
Our Analysis

Breaking it down


Good for "hot" sleepers. The Sealy Performance Line (formerly Posturepedic) gets good reviews for not trapping heat as you sleep; something those who have to kick off the covers many times a night will appreciate. The Performance is about average when it comes to isolating motion, while the Premium Collection (formerly the Performance Plus and still a step up in price) is above average, according to SleepLiketheDead.com. The Sealy Hybrid Line (Est. $500 and up), a combination of memory foam and innersprings with Posturepedic technology, performs even better for stability at ConsumerReports.org, earning an Excellent rating in that category. In addition, owners largely find these innerspring and hybrid mattresses extremely comfortable, with several saying it provides good support and relieves pain. However, innerspring-only mattresses may be a better choice for those who like a softer mattress; the majority of customer complaints we spotted for Sealy's innerspring-only mattress were because the owner thought the mattress was too soft.

Sealy does not offer a "comfort return" policy for its innerspring mattresses, but the retailer you purchase it from might. And Sealy mattresses are widely available through many retailers, so it's easy to go and try a Sealy mattress in person and to shop around for the best return policies.


May cost less than some comparable mattresses. Suggested retail prices for the Sealy Response Line range from about $300 for a twin mattress in the basic Essentials Line (which does not feature Posturepedic technology) to about $2,100 for a king-sized mattress in the Hybrid Line. However, mattresses are often on sale and it's unlikely that you'll ever pay full retail. Experts say Sealy mattresses, particularly those featuring Posturepedic technology, are a good, mid-priced innerspring mattresses.


Mixed assessments from reviewers. Innerspring-only mattresses tend to get the worst ratings for durability of all other types of mattresses, mostly because of issues related to sagging (especially pillow top models). According to SleepLiketheDead.com, 22 percent of Sealy Performance owners report significant sagging or body impressions within three years of ownership. Editors there also find that owners tend to replace their Sealy innerspring mattress after about six years of regular use. While that may seem like a negative assessment, that longevity figure is equal to or higher than the average longevity reported for comparable innerspring mattresses. ConsumerReports.org conducted professional tests that simulated durability over an eight year period, and, although the Sealy mattresses that were part of that test earned scores of Very Good to Excellent, only Sealy Hybrid Line mattresses were included. The warranty on the Performance Line is 10 years and covers sagging, but only if the depth of the indentation is at least 1.5 inches.

Our Sources

Editors of SleepLiketheDead.com, June 5, 2017

Compared to other innerspring mattresses, Sealy innerspring mattresses in the Response Line, which includes the Sealy Performance Collection, earn an overall owner satisfaction rating of 64 percent. While that seems low, it's one of the highest ratings in the category of widely-available innerspring mattresses that can be purchased in a brick-and-mortar store. It's also based upon one of the highest sample sizes in that category -- more than 850 owners.

Editors of ConsumerReports.org, Not Dated

In this lab test, ConsumerReports.org editors evaluate mattresses by analyzing how each mattress supports the body, taking into account both side and back sleeping positions. They also test firmness, and they check durability by simulating eight years of use.  A selection from Sealy's Posturepedic Hybrid Line (a combination of innerspring and memory foam) is included.

Contributors to US-Mattress.com, As of July 2017

US-Mattress carries a good selection of Sealy Response Line mattresses, and they get a respectable number of reviews, with overall scores of more than 4-stars. The highest rated mattress in the Performance Collection here is the Cooper Mountain line, with the king size Cooper Mountain Plush Euro Pillow Top earning 4.5 stars in around 205 reviews. The only real complaint we spotted was that the mattress is too soft for some.

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