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Best Latex Mattress Toppers

By: Kelly Burgess on June 20, 2018

Latex foam toppers provide good support

Memory foam mattress toppers are by far the most popular, but if you're concerned about the chemicals in memory foam, or prefer a bit more firmness, a latex mattress topper might suit your needs better. One that gets very good feedback is the Sleep On Latex Pure Green 2-inch (Est. $120 and up). It also comes in 1- and 3-inch thicknesses, and a full range of sizes, including full XL, as well as three firmness options, soft, medium and firm. Many say that the firmness options are true to their description, but others find that even the softest is too firm for them.

Wirecutter added the Pure Green 2-inch latex mattress topper -- in a medium firmness -- as an "Also Great" runner up. Although they don't actually test it, they note, that, "This latex topper has a bouncier texture than memory foam and should retain less heat." At Sleep Like the Dead the Pure Green has a user satisfaction rating of 89 percent in 1,190 user surveys, although it's only one of two brands included in the latex category.

What owners like about the Sleep On Latex Pure Green mattress toppers in general is the sheer range of options for sizes and firmness. Those who feel like they have a too-hard mattress found that the soft version really made a difference -- with many saying it was now "soft support" and felt even better than if they'd bought a softer mattress. Others, many of who have sagging mattresses, say the firmer options made them feel like a new bed. Ratings are very high for this mattress topper -- although each of the firmness options are separate listings on Amazon -- with 4.4 stars in nearly 670 reviews for the soft version; 4.3 stars for the medium mattress topper (Est. $130 and up) and 4.3 stars in nearly 240 reviews for the firm mattress topper (Est. $150 and up). The ratings for each firmness include all sizes and thickness levels. The prices we list are for the twin size, 2-inch mattress in each category; that will vary based upon which size/thickness you select.

These Pure Green toppers are made from 100 percent natural Dunlop latex. Many reviewers say that the Pure Green mattress pads give off less of a chemical smell than memory foam, and that the slight odor isn't unpleasant -- it also dissipates quickly. Shipping is free (from the Sleep On Latex website, anyway) and the topper comes with a 30-day free comfort return policy and a five-year warranty against defects.

If you prefer a mattress topper that's made from Talalay latex, which is said to be softer and "bouncier" than Dunlop, you might want to spring for the Ultimate Dreams 3-inch Latex Mattress Topper (Est. $300 and up). The latex in this topper is approximately 70 percent synthetic and 30 percent natural. It's hypoallergenic and antibacterial, too. It comes in six sizes -- twin, twin XL, full, queen, short queen and California king -- and three firmness options, soft, medium and firm -- but only in a 3-inch thickness.

This is the other latex topper in that category at Sleep Like the Dead, with an 89 percent satisfaction rating after 365 comments -- far fewer than Pure Green's. But it also gets high ratings at Amazon, with 4.4 stars in nearly 380 reviews. Many users give it raves for comfort and support, and say the firmness levels are well-represented, although we did see the scattered complaint of a topper being too soft or too firm.

Most reviewers say the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress topper does not have the strong initial odor of memory foam toppers. Those who notice a smell after it's unpacked say it goes away after about 24 hours or so. Many also say that latex feels much cooler than a memory foam mattress. The Ultimate Dreams mattress topper is also reported as very durable; some say they've had their mattress pad for years. It includes a long, three-year warranty and customer service gets very good reviews for its responsiveness.

One of owners' favorite features of the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Topper is the removable bamboo cover. Users appreciate being able to keep the mattress topper clean and fresh without much hassle -- and without paying extra.

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