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Libman Wonder Mop

By: Saundra Latham on May 22, 2017

Our Sources

Top Mops, Dec. 15, 2004

Elaine Blair tests seven mops and gives top honors to the Libman Wonder Mop, which she says is very absorbent, reaches into corners and crevices with ease and has enough heft to scrub out stubborn stains. She says that it is a bit difficult to wring out, however.

Libman Co. 02000 Wonder Strip Mop,

There are just a few reviews here for the Libman Wonder Mop. Most say it does a great job, but one says it's not great for scrubbing.

Libman Wonder Mop,

There are two reviews at AceHardware.com for the Libman Wonder Mop. One reviewer likes the mop a lot, and the other says the mop heads don't last more than a month or two without needing to be replaced.