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Top 13 Office Chair Reviews

By: Tara Tuckwiller on December 20, 2017

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Office Chairs: Ratings of Sources

Kyle Vanhemert and Michael Zhao, Dec. 14, 2016

This comparison of several popular office chairs from Steelcase, Herman Miller, Ikea, Knoll and Humanscale bases its recommendations on months of real-world testing. The reviewer notes pros and cons for each, taking price into consideration. Still, recommendations focus on a small pool of high-end chairs, with just one lower-budget choice thrown into the mix.

Christopher Null, May 1, 2017

Christopher Null tests five office chairs (all expensive, ranging from $650 to $1,400) from Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Allsteel and Knoll and rates them on a scale of 1 to 10. He writes a few paragraphs about each chair, explaining concisely what is good and bad about each. He likes three of the chairs, but he gives the other two mediocre scores.

Tim Clark and Terrence Mai, Nov. 15, 2017

Tim Clark and Terrence Mai make three recommendations for budget, midrange and high-end buyers after months of real world testing. The reviews are detailed and even-handed, including both pros and cons, but it's unclear what other models were tested.

Contributors to Amazon, As of December 2017

Amazon is one of a buyer's best resources for real-world reviews of office chairs, ranging from cheap to luxurious. Reviews are often quite detailed and evenhanded. This is an especially useful site for real-world tests of durability as owners often come back after months or years to report on how their chair has held up.

Peter Saltsman, Not Dated

This roundup covers a wide range of office chairs at several price points, from under $200 to nearly $1,500. Blurbs about each chair are informative, but uniformly positive. There is no comparison between models and there does not appear to be any real-world testing involved in the recommendations.

Danielle Braff, Aug. 15, 2016

This article asks Alan Hedge, director of Cornell University's Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory, to recommend the best ergonomic office chairs. Hedge recommends four chairs – all over $900.

Tomasz P. Szynalski, As of December 2017

Polish blogger Tomasz P.Szynalski "obsessively" researches everything in his life – including office chairs – and posts the results on his blog in case it can help others. He has published exhaustive reviews of half a dozen high-end office chairs, plus an even more exhaustive guide titled "How to Buy a Good Ergonomic Office Chair," complete with plenty of photos and videos demonstrating proper tilt angles, hip angles, armrest angles, lumbar support and more.

David Pogue, Sept. 11, 2013

David Pogue tests the Steelcase Gesture and finds it very comfortable and "impressively adjustable" – but, overall, not much different from other high-end ergonomic chairs, such as the Steelcase Leap and Herman Miller Embody. The accompanying video demonstrates the Gesture's adjustability.

Editors of Smart Furniture, As of December 2017

This retailer bases its recommendations on customer satisfaction ratings. Accompanying blurbs note commonly mentioned pros and cons for each chair, as well as the return rate and what percentage of customers would recommend the chair to a friend. Picks are uniformly high-end, however, and Herman Miller and Steelcase largely dominate the list. The site also has a helpful collection of owner reviews that list pros and cons and rate chairs on a five-star scale.

Contributors to NationalBusinessFurniture.com, As of January 2017

National Business Furniture has several reviews for the office chairs it stocks. Reviewers rate each product on a 1- to 5-star scale. Reviews are not quite as detailed as those on Amazon, however.

Contributors to Staples, As of December 2017

Staples sells a huge assortment of office chairs. Many are lower-priced models, and plenty cost less than $100. Some chairs attract hundreds of customer reviews, and some get thousands.

Contributors to Walmart, As of December 2017

Walmart is another good source of owner reviews for inexpensive office chairs. Although it doesn't attract as many reviews – or sell as wide a variety of office chairs -- as Staples, several popular chairs have amassed hundreds of reviews each.

Brandon Widder, May 3, 2017

This roundup crowns one chair (the Herman Miller Embody) as "the best" and also recommends 10 others at a variety of price points. Blurbs are informative but do not note any cons or include any mention of real-world testing.

Christen Costa, Updated Nov. 29, 2017

This guide ranks nine popular office chairs at a variety of price points and includes a handy comparison chart and buying guide. Blurbs are informative but uniformly positive; most also don't appear to involve first-hand testing, and don't directly compare models. Full reviews are published for only two of the chairs on the list: the Steelcase Leap and Steelcase Gesture.

Contributors to Ikea, As of December 2017

Ikea publishes customer reviews for the roughly 20 different styles of office chairs it sells. This is the place to find owner feedback on the Ikea Markus, a popular budget office chair pick on other review sites.

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