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Best Down Pillows

By: Kelly Burgess on August 16, 2017

Down pillows provide cuddly softness

People who love snuggling up to their pillow are big fans of down. Down pillows tend to be very soft, although down in combination with other fill, such as other feathers, can provide more firmness. This makes down pillows popular and comfortable for all sleeping positions, even for stomach sleepers, who tend to like pillows that are more moldable.

Among down pillows there are few that get the kind of high praise that we see with the Royal Hotel Goose Down Pillow (Est. $160 to $180 for a set of two). Often described as like "sleeping on a cloud," this down pillow is well-stuffed with 100 percent down and features a soft, 500-thread-count Egyptian cotton cover. This down pillow has a very high owner satisfaction rating on SleepLiketheDead.com. Users posting at retail review sites say it's very comfortable, yet also supportive thanks to its generous fill, which makes it a great choice for back, side or stomach sleepers. In fact, the manufacturer describes it as "firm," although it's not as firm as, for example, a memory foam pillow. You do need to fluff the pillow occasionally to help it keep its loft, and it is dry clean only.

Even though it's rather pricey, the Royal Hotel Good Down Pillow is reported to be very durable. We saw some comments that, while the buyer initially balked at the price, they would have paid twice as much because it turned out to be so satisfying to use. While this goose down pillow does not include a formal warranty, customer service gets good reviews for responsive service. It comes in king and standard sizes.

Another good, less expensive choice in this category is the Luxuredown Goose Down Pillow (Est. $80 to $100), which comes in standard, queen and king sizes. It's the second-highest rated down pillow at SleepLiketheDead.com, with an 86 percent owner satisfaction rating after the input of more than 140 owners. It's described as medium-firm there, and users agree that it is an accurate assessment, and that the Luxuredown is soft, yet supportive enough that you won't "sink" too far into it. Of course, there are outliers who find it too firm, but not many. Some also say it flattens too much during the night. The Luxuredown is made from 100 percent white goose feathers and is dry-clean only.

Down alternative pillows are affordable, yet comfy

The down in the Royal Hotel and Luxuredown pillows is described as hypoallergenic, but if you're sensitive to feathers you may want to be careful about purchasing any down pillow. For those who are very sensitive to this type of stuffing, we recommend taking a look at the Five Star Down Alternative Pillow (Est. $20 to $35). Filled with a fiber-based, hypoallergenic fill, this pillow is quite a bit less expensive than down, but gets equally good reviews for comfort. The fill is encased in a 100 percent cotton cover and the pillow is machine-washable. It comes in standard, queen and king sizes.

Unlike many down-alternative pillows, the fill in the Five Star pillow gets good reviews for not clumping or flattening, even after several months of use. Reviewers say if the pillow starts to go flat, just give it a good shake or stick it in the dryer for a few minutes and that should take care of the problem. Although most are happy, there are users who say that the Five Star pillow is simply too soft and squishy for them.

Another well-reviewed choice in down alternative pillows is the Premier Down-like Personal Choice (Est. $35 for 2). It's a runner up (although named as best for back sleepers) at TheSweethome.com, and is beloved by thousands of user reviewers at various retail sites on the internet. as well. Experts and owners both say it's a terrific value, especially for two pillows, and it comes in three firmness options, soft, medium and firm. Many owners say it's the most comfortable pillow they've ever owned, and quite a number note that the pillow has held up well, even over several years of use and numerous washings.

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