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Royal Hotel Goose Down Pillow Review

By: Kelly Burgess on August 16, 2017

Bottom Line

The Royal Hotel Goose Down Pillow really does give you the luxurious vibe of staying in a high-end hotel, say reviewers. It's reported as firm, yet supportive, and does not tend to mat or flatten during the night. It's made from 100 percent, hypoallergenic goose down feathers.


  • Firm; yet supportive
  • 100 percent goose down
  • Durable
  • Allergen-free


  • Dry clean only
  • No formal warranty
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down


Super plush, yet very supportive. Described as "firm" by the manufacturer, owners say the Royal Hotel Goose Down Pillow Is actually medium-firm, which those who love the cushy feel of down, but prefer a more supportive pillow, say makes this perfect for either back or side sleepers. Many owners say they're like "sleeping on a cloud," and we saw quite a few comments that, while the reviewer initially thought the price to be too high, they would have paid twice as much after actually using the pillow. We saw no reports of feathers "poking" through, although it is recommended that you fluff the pillows occasionally to help it keep its loft.


No formal warranty. Although the manufacturer doesn't have a specific warranty for the Royal Hotel Goose Down Pillow, users say they are responsive to issues or dissatisfaction. Also, if you buy it from Amazon.com, it comes with the site's standard hassle-free, 30-day return policy. The Royal Hotel pillow is made from 100 percent goose down with a 500 thread count Egyptian cotton cover. We saw no reports of tearing, fraying or other durability issues. We also noted no issues regarding an odd odor, as we often see with synthetic pillows.

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