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Top 12 Pressure Washer Reviews

By: Carl Laron on February 23, 2018

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Pressure Washers: Ratings of Sources

Editors of Consumer Reports, Not Dated

Consumer Reports tests 24 gas and electric pressure washers but only finds two models worthy of recommended status -- both electric models -- eliminating many others over safety concerns. Pressure washers are rated based on cleaning performance on a variety of surfaces, overall power, noise levels and ease of use, and given a score that can be used to compare to other models.

Bryan Vu, Aug. 24, 2017

Your Best Digs spends 40 hours researching and testing pressure washers. Four electric models and two gas ones make the final cut, with one of each type singled out as the best choice for homeowners, rather than contractors or other professional users. Testing is very well detailed, and supplemented with lots of photos showing test results and the washers in use.

Roy Berendsohn, Aug 31, 2017

Though details are lacking, Popular Mechanics' Roy Berendsohn puts 'four tough pressure washers from Briggs & Stratton, Craftsman, Generac, and Ryobi through their paces." The pressure washers are rated and ranked, and an Editor's Choice is named.

Editors of Family Handyman, Not Dated

While details about the pressure washers tested is very limited, and the review process is not well explained, it does appear that the machines were personally tested by Family Handyman. Several Editors' Choice models are named based on ease of handling, value, or overall performance, with some earning accolades in more than one category. There is also a wealth of information on choosing and using pressure washers.

Brian Teitelbaum and contributors to Pressure Washers Direct, As of February 2018

Pressure Washers Direct includes both user and expert reviews for many of the more than 500 pressure washers carried. The expert reviews by product specialist Brian Teitelbaum tend to be short, however, and it's not clear whether he's personally tested each model. Still some helpful insights are shared and many of the pressure washers here get lots of owner feedback.

Contributors to Home Depot, As of February 2018

Home Depot offers a broad range of gas and electric pressure washers for homeowners and professionals. While not every model attracts owner feedback, many have dozens and sometimes hundreds of reviews. Posters can say if they would recommend a particular pressure washer to a friend. Some reviews were originally posted on manufacturer websites.

Contributors to Lowe's, As of February 2018

A fair number of the pressure washers available at Lowe's get enough reviews to be meaningful, while a handful of models get hundreds. Some of the reviews seen at Lowe's were originally posted at manufacturer websites.

Contributors to Amazon, As of February 2018

Amazon features fewer electric and gas pressure washers than some other sites. However, many get ample feedback, reviews are often longer than at other web sites, and all are written by Amazon customers.

Contributors to Walmart, As of February 2018

Walmart sells a decent assortment of pressure washers, although many get less feedback than seen elsewhere. User comments tend to be brief, and some reviews come from manufacturer websites.

Editors of Pro Tool Reviews, As of February 2018

The experts at Pro Tool Reviews don't review a lot of pressure washers, and don't do any comparative round ups, but they do produce nicely detailed write-ups of individual models on occasion, including one that we cover in this report.

Editors of Pressure Washer Critics, As of February 2018

It was a close call on whether or not to include Pressure Washer Critics among our resources. The site is anonymous -- never a good sign -- and it appears that some of their top-rated pressure washers have not been tested. However, that's counterbalanced by a number of reviews of machines that have clearly undergone a hands on review along with a decent assortment of helpful articles regarding everything pressure washer related.

Roy Berendsohn, Aug. 19, 2013

Roy Berendsohn gives tips for choosing the right size and type of power washer for your cleaning needs, noting that electric styles are best for cars, outdoor furniture, and small decks and patios; 2000- to 3,100-PSI gas models are good for decks, patios and boats, he says, while 3,200- to 4,200-PSI gas models are appropriate for paint stripping, graffiti removal and other professional-duty jobs. He also provides guidelines for using pressure washers effectively.

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