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Best Island Range Hoods

By: Carl Laron on January 15, 2018

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Best island range hood

Cosmo COS-668ICS900

Island range hoods "float" above a cooktop

Under-cabinet range hoods and wall-mounted range hoods work well in situations where your range or cooktop is installed along a wall, which is the most typical kitchen design. However, they typically won't be suitable in other situations, most often when your cooktop is located on a kitchen island. That type of kitchen set up calls for an island range hood or a downdraft vent. But while some might prefer the open look that a downdraft vent provides, island range hoods are simply more effective, especially if you have a professional-grade cooktop or range as those put out a lot of heat, and they can make a striking statement in a kitchen in their own right, appearing to float above the cooking surface. Most island range hoods are vented through ductwork in the ceiling, though some offer ductless installation as an option.

Because kitchen set ups that require an island range hood are less common than other types of kitchens, it's not surprising we found less feedback for island range hoods than for under-cabinet or wall-mounted models. That said, we did spot several options that have good ratings and enough user reviews spread along multiple review sites for those ratings to be meaningful.

At the top of that list, we find the Cosmo COS-668ICS900 (Est. $350), a 36-inch island range hood with a striking stainless-steel and glass, curved design that owners say gives their kitchen a pro-style, high-end look. If a 36-inch hood is too large for your set up, a 30-inch version is also available, the Cosmo 668ICS750 (Est. $370). Keep in mind, however, that experts recommend that island range hoods be six inches wider than the cooktops beneath them for best performance.

With a rated airflow of 900 CFM at the highest of its three speeds, this Cosmo range hood has the chops to handle even professional-grade cooktops and ranges, and owners say that it's effective in clearing a room of smoke and odors. The downside is that with so much power, noise is a little bit of a consideration, and it's rated at 65 dB maximum at the highest speed. That bothers some, but not some others, and many say that whatever the noise level, it's a worthwhile trade-off considering this hood's performance, appearance and value. Features include an attractive LED display with "Soft Touch" controls for the light and fan, dishwasher-safe stainless-steel baffle filters, and four LED lights to illuminate your cooking surface -- though some wish that those were just a touch brighter, or that their illumination level could be varied.

User reviews are more plentiful and more positive for the Cosmo COS-668ICS900 than for many island range hoods, and especially for those in this price range. Build quality is good, but we did see some complaints of units that were damaged in shipment, or perhaps in packaging. The unit is backed by a five-year warranty, which is longer than average for range hoods, and the company has U.S. based customer service. The chimney is adjustable to accommodate ceilings of between roughly 8 and 9.5 feet. It's intended for ducted installation (6-inch round), and reports are mixed on how hard or easy installation is overall. It can also be used ductless with the addition of the Cosmo CFK1 Non-Ducted Charcoal Recirculating Kit (Est. $20).

It's a LOT more expensive than the Cosmo, but we also saw some nice feedback for the 36-inch KitchenAid KVIB606DSS (Est. $1,620). Offered in stainless steel -- and also in black stainless as the KitchenAid KVIB606DBS (Est. $1,710) -- this is easily the priciest range hood in this report, though it's not the priciest 36-inch island range hood you can find.

The features list is impressive, and helps justify the price tag of these KitchenAid range hoods. Topping those is auto-sensing technology to automatically turn on the hood when it detects heat from the cooktop or range, then automatically raising or lowering fan speed to match ventilation needs. You can also override that with three user-selectable fan speeds, plus a boost function to provide a brief ventilation burst to quickly clear the air of stream, smoke and odors. It's not as powerful as the Cosmo, but the 650 CFM rating should be more than adequate for even professional-grade cooking gear (up to 65,000 BTU total). One additional plus is a perimeter ventilation system to pull air from the hood edges to speed up air movement.

Despite the price, feedback for the KitchenAid KVIB606DSS is excellent. Users love the look and performance. Lighting is provided by four LED task lights and two halogen "night lights" to provide accent lighting. The grease filters are dishwasher safe. The chimney is adjustable to accommodate ceilings between 8 feet and 10 feet, 4 inches. It's rated at 49 dB(A) (1.5 sones) at low speed and 65 dB(A) (5.4 sones) at high, and the users that comment on noise say that it is surprisingly quiet for such a powerful hood. It's intended for vented operation, but can also be used ductless via an optional recirculating kit, which runs around $90 and can be ordered direct from KitchenAid.

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