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Ranges: Expert and User Reviews

By: Carl Laron on January 09, 2018

Ranges: Ratings of Sources

Editors of Consumer Reports, Not Dated

Consumer Reports provides ratings on its website for nearly 175 gas, electric, dual fuel and pro-style ranges. Ranges are rated on how quickly they heat water, as well as their performance at melting, simmering, broiling and baking. Advantages and disadvantages of each model are discussed, along with frequency-of-repair ratings for different brands.

Editors of Reviewed, As of January 2018

Reviewed does hands on testing to find the best ranges of all types and in all price categories. Testing is explained, and scores are awarded. Top ranges earn an Editors' Choice award, while the best of these are further recognized with a Best of Year designation.

Editors of CNET, As of January 2018

Most might think of CNET when it comes to reviews of TVs and smartphones, but their ovens category includes a good number of recently reviewed ranges. Even better, the editors bring their typical thoroughness to the task of reviewing ranges, subjecting each to well documented testing and comparing it to other options. One downside is that while ranges continue to be reviewed with decent regularity, a "best ranges" list has not been updated since 2016.

Editors of Good Housekeeping, As of January 2018

Testers at Good Housekeeping look at some of the most popular electric ranges. Testing is well-documented and each range gets a thorough review that includes pros, cons and an overview of how the range performed in specific tasks. That includes how quickly and evenly stovetops performed, both at high and low heat. Ovens were tested by toasting bread, backing cakes and cookies, and broiling. Ease of use and cleaning were also evaluated. Most tests are from 2015, but Good Housekeeping also published an electric stove round up with new testing in January 2018.

Contributors to Home Depot, As of January 2018

Home Depot sells hundreds of electric, gas and dual-fuel ranges. Many of the ranges sold here receive hundreds of reviews -- though in some cases that's inflated by reviews that were originally posted at the manufacturers' site. Owners tend to leave detailed feedback about the range's performance and how it looks in their kitchen -- some come back after a period of time to give updates on performance and durability.

Contributors to Lowe's, As of January 2018

Like Home Depot, Lowe's lets users post reviews of ranges that they've purchased. However, as at Home Depot and many other appliance sellers, some of those reviews -- and in some cases, many of them -- were originally posted at the manufacturer web sites. Still, Lowe's is a good destination to find reviews about the performance of specific ranges.

Contributors to Best Buy, As of January 2018

Best Buy carries a great selection of ranges of all types. Many get only a handful of reviews, but others get hundreds and one model gets nearly 2,000. Unlike similar user review sources, while Best Buy provides a link to ratings originally posted at manufacturer web sites, the ratings that appear at their site are all original and written by reviewers who purchased their range at Best Buy.

Contributors to Sears, As of January 2018

Sears allows owners to post reviews on the site. Kenmore is the Sears house brand, and while Kenmore appliances are now available elsewhere, such as through Amazon, the Sears site is still the best place to see owner feedback on Kenmore ranges. More than 500 ranges are listed on this site, with nearly 475 models being sold through Sears directly. Many receive only a little feedback, others receive dozens of reviews, and some get hundreds -- though as is the case at many retailer sites, reviews for non-Kenmore models include those originally posted at maker web sites.

Contributors to AJ Madison, As of January 2018

Compared to other retail sites, AJ Madison makes it easy to sort through user reviews of ranges. Not only does the main page show the model number, overall star rating and number of reviews for each product, but the full list of products can also be sorted in several ways. We found several models with more than 200 reviews and high overall ratings, but again, some of these originate at the maker's site and are the same as those seen elsewhere.

Editors of J.D. Power and Associates, July 26, 2017

More than 4,300 consumers that purchased cooking appliances -- including free-standing ranges -- respond to J.D. Power's 2017 survey about home appliance satisfaction. In the free-standing range segment, LG finishes first, with a score of 864 out of 1,000. Other brands that score a notch below LG but still above the average for the category, are, in order, Maytag, Kenmore Elite and Samsung.

Editors of Yale Appliance and Lighting, As of January 2018

This Boston area appliance dealer maintains a useful blog regarding things appliance-related, including ranges. While recommendations are based on factors such as reliability track record and value rather than testing, opinions appear to be unbiased regarding brands and models, and articles such as a comparison of affordable gas convection ranges can be helpful.

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