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French-Door Refrigerators

By: Kelly Burgess on March 05, 2018

French-door refrigerators are attractive and versatile

We found more recommendations in our sources for French-door refrigerators than for any other type. They are the best overall performers in professional tests, and users love their convenient layout, useful features and stylish looks. However, they're also more expensive, so if you find the price of a French-door model chilling, we also cover side-by-side, bottom-freezer and top-freezer refrigerators elsewhere in this report.

The 27.8-cu. ft. GE Café CFE28TSHSS (Est. $3,200) is an easy choice for our top pick. At Reviewed Matthew Zahnzinger opens his discussion of the CFE28TSHSS by saying that it's "the best refrigerator you can buy." It earns a perfect 10 score, Editors' Choice and Best of Year awards.

Owners are similarly happy, saying that this French-door fridge hits all the sweet spots for them. Most agree that the GE Café CFE28TSHSS is attractive, feature-rich, a top performer and has excellent organization options. We spotted a few durability complaints, but no more than we see with any large appliance. The only consistent complaint we saw was that it's noisy.

There are a lot of bells and whistles on the CFE28TSHSS, but the scene stealer is the unique ability to dispense hot water in addition to cold. Of course, the refrigerator can also dispense ice and cold water though the door. Rather than a mundane LED display, you get a small touch screen for things like setting temperature. You can personalize the display by uploading photos from a USB thumb drive to play back slide-show style. Inside, you'll find twin crispers and a full-width slide out bin that can be set to different temperatures for storing different types of perishables. The spill proof glass shelves are adjustable, and there's tons of on-door storage. This fridge is offered only in stainless steel. The cabinet measures 35.75 inches wide and 36.25 inches deep.

Performance on the GE CFE28TSHSS is excellent. "There simply aren't any major flaws in this fridge," says Zahnzinger. There is a minor one however. Items stored at the bottom of the freezer crept to just above zero in Reviewed's tests. Though the freezer's excellent temperature stability minimizes the risk that that could give rise to freezer burn in items stored long term. The fix is simple though: turn down the thermostat. Consumer Reports rates thermostat control on the CFE28TSHSS to be Excellent; Very Good for temperature uniformity.

The GE CFE28TSHSS is a three-door fridge, with two side-by-side top doors and a full-length bottom freezer. If you prefer a four-door, French-door fridge, the Samsung RF28JBEDBSG (Est. $3,335) is very well-reviewed by both experts and owners. It's Recommended at Consumer Reports, where they test the stainless steel version, the Samsung RF28JBEDBSR (Est. $3,220), giving it Excellent ratings for thermostat control and Very Good for temperature uniformity. Reviewed, gives the black stainless version a score of 9.4 and an Editors' Choice award.

First of all, this Samsung is a really beautiful refrigerator in either finish. Reviewed notes that, "The black stainless steel on the doors looks dashing, and it conceals fingerprints and smudges better than typical stainless steel." The top section is two side-by-side doors, the middle FlexDrawer is a refrigerated drawer with the option to set it at a wide range of temperatures, from 29 degrees for fresh foods to 42 degrees for wine. The Samsung RF28JBEDBSG is also part of Samsung's popular Food Showcase Series. That series features a popular door-within-a-door design so you can open a glass front on the main refrigerator door to access items stored in the door, without heating up the entire fridge.

As you would expect, performance is a big strength with the Samsung RF28JBEDBSG, with tester Kyle Hamilton at Reviewed saying that, while there's a warmish spot at the bottom of the refrigerator, it's still in an acceptable range. He also notes that, "the interior humidity stayed consistent, preventing fruits and vegetables from dehydrating." It also reached the freezing point very quickly -- just an hour and 14 minutes.

Owners are equally enamored with the Samsung RF28JBEDBSG and it earns some of the highest owner ratings we spotted while compiling this report. We spotted a number of comments from people who said that food lasts longer in this fridge than others they've owned, especially produce. They also praise its convenience features, like the door-in-door and options for the middle drawer, as well as it's well-thought-out organizational options.

A French-door fridge that won't break the bank

If there's an issue with either of the refrigerators above, it's that they are a little on the pricey side. If you want a solid-performing French door refrigerator that leaves out some bells and whistles, but also leaves some dollars in your wallet, the LG LFC24770ST (Est. $1,900) is a great choice. It's both Recommended and rated a Best Buy at Consumer Reports, with Excellent ratings for thermostat control and temperature uniformity. It gets good feedback from owners as well in hundreds of reviews. The LG LFC24770ST is stainless steel, but it also comes in in white as the LG LFC24770SW (Est. $1,800) and black as the LG LFC24770SB (Est. $1,800).

The LG LFC24770ST is a 24 cubic foot fridge, smaller than the French door fridges above but still big enough to fill the needs of most families. It has a fairly basic array of features, including an open-door alert, a full-sized drawer in addition to two crisper drawers, and a lot of adjustability in the storage options. The only real complaint that we saw was that the shelving and drawers feel like flimsy plastic, but, for the price, relatively few care. There is an ice maker, but no through-the-door dispenser.

The smaller version of this fridge, the LG LFC22770ST (Est. $1,800) is also well-reviewed, with Consumer Reports giving it a Recommendation and a Best Buy designation, with scores of Excellent for both thermostat control and temperature uniformity. At CNET, Andrew Gebhart praises the LFC22770ST's performance as well, but pans it for its limited organizational options due to "rigid shelf placement." It's also only a 22 cubic foot fridge, so it's not particularly large.

We didn't see that criticism echoed in user reviews, however, which are very positive for the LG LFC22770ST. Hundreds of reviewers give it well above average ratings, with many saying that they were thrilled to get such a well-performing French-door fridge for their limited space options. And a significant number of owners actually praise the organizational flexibility, so that's obviously a matter of opinion. The interior ice maker (no through-the-door-access) is well-liked too -- a lot of people don't like the external ice/water dispensers that are so ubiquitous on most refrigerators.

The bottom line is that if you're looking for a smaller fridge and want a top performer at a price that's not bad, the LG LFC22770ST is one to consider. And yes, it's not that much cheaper than the larger LFC24770ST, but ignore that MSRP -- when we did this report it was selling for a bit less. It also comes in in white as the LG LFC22770SW (Est. $1,700) and black as the LG LFC22770SB (Est. $1,700).

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