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LG LDC24223S Review

By: Kelly Burgess on March 05, 2018

Bottom Line

A top performer in professional tests and a hit with owners, the LG LDC24223S offers solid, quiet performance. The refrigerator lacks some niceties, such as through-the-door ice and water dispensers, though an icemaker is built in. It comes in two colors.


  • Roomy
  • Maintains even temperature
  • Adjustable storage
  • Energy Star qualified


  • Runs a bit warm
  • Poor crisper performance
Our Analysis

Breaking it down


Logical, and adjustable, storage options. The LG LDC24223S offers the kind of straightforward storage options most people have come to expect in a fridge. That includes storage for gallon jugs in the door, as well as plenty of space for condiments and other small items. The door storage is not adjustable (except for a flip-up shelf for taller items), but the interior shelves have plenty of options for rearranging to fit your needs. There are also two crisper compartments on top of a "Glide N' Serve" drawer that allows you to store larger, wider items. The freezer features a two-tier organizational system with good storage options. There's no water or ice dispenser, but there is a built-in ice maker, digital temperature controls and an alarm that sounds if the door is left open too long.


Some inconsistencies, but there are workarounds. At Consumer Reports the LG LDC24223S earns scores of Excellent across the board for temperature consistency and control. After testing at CNET and Reviewed, Ry Crist and Matthew Zahnzinger both agree that the LDC24223S keeps its temperatures stable in the fridge and freezer departments, however, those temperatures tend to run a bit warm. Both suggest turning the dial down a bit to counter that. Where they do see problems, though, is with crisper performance. At CNET, even after dialing the temperature down to 33 degrees, the average measurement in one crisper bin was 39.5 degrees. At Reviewed, Zahnzinger calls crisper performance "flat-out disappointing." However, he also notes that LG's crisper designs tend to perform poorly overall. Still, if fresh veggies aren't the staple of your diet, this fridge is a good value in a bottom-freezer design.


An energy sipper. The LG LDC24223S is extremely energy efficient for a bottom-freezer and is Energy Star Certified as well, with an annual estimated energy cost of $73. Zahnzinger at Reviewed notes that, "Even with an ice maker, this fridge ranks up there with the best of them when it comes to power consumption." It also earns Excellent scores for energy efficiency regard at Consumer Reports.


Small but sleek. At just under 33-inches wide, the LG LDC24223S is narrower than most French-door or side-by-side fridges, making it a better fit for many older kitchens. But, in spite of that smaller footprint, the 24 cubic foot capacity is plenty generous for virtually any family, reviewers say. The stainless-steel finish adds a touch of class, but can also be a bit of a finger-print magnet. If you prefer, the same refrigerator is available in smooth white as the LG LDCS24223W ($1,500) and in smooth black as the as the LG LDCS24223B ($1,500).

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