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Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Review

By: Kelly Burgess on May 25, 2018

Bottom Line

Singer is a well-respected sewing machine brand in sewing machines, and the Singer 4423 will take you from beginner to advanced sewing projects. At 14.6 pounds it's not terribly heavy for a heavy duty machine, and it has a handle for portability.


  • Powerful
  • Simple to start sewing
  • Even stitching
  • Wide range of stitch options
  • Handles heavy fabrics; layers


  • Loud
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down


Consistent, even stitching. The Singer 4423 is a manual (or mechanical) sewing machine, which many experts say is a good choice for a beginner to learn on. Manual sewing machines tend to be powerful and consistent, and experts say the Singer 4423 delivers on that perception. In expert testing at Wirecutter, the 4423 sewed evenly -- if a bit fast -- although that might be a plus if you're sewing a lot of heavy duty materials or want to try quilting. One popular feature is the drop-in, one-step buttonhole foot -- just drop in a button and the machine does all the work. Owners say that, although the 4423 is considered a "heavy duty" machine, it does equally well with sewing cotton or knit clothing or with fabrics like denim and canvas.

Ease of use

Simple out of the box. Plenty of first time sewers, and those who came back to sewing after a long absence, say they were stitching simple patterns right out of the box with the Singer 4423. Wirecutter also calls out the 4423 for its ease of use -- saying, "We think a beginner could sit at this machine and start sewing without spending a lot of time with the manual." And, as we mentioned above, the buttonhole function could not be easier. The 23 stitch options, including some for stretch fabrics, mean there's a selection for any task, and the dial function to choose your stitch is very simple to see and use.


A sewing machine for life. One of the reason many experts like manual sewing machines -- even if they aren't beginners -- is because they are so sturdy and durable. The Singer 4423 is definitely one that will last for the long haul. Living up to its "heavy duty" billing, the Singer doesn't bounce around when sewing fast or through heavy fabrics. One complaint we did see was that it's noisy -- the noisiest machine in Wirecutter's tests -- and a number of owners comment on that as well. Aside from the noise issue, there are the usual complaints of needles breaking, thread bunching up and uneven stitching, but, as many other reviewers point out, in many of those cases reading the manual can help you to fix those issues.

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