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Best Percale Sheets

By: Angela Stringfellow on July 26, 2017

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Best percale sheets

L.L. Bean 280-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheets

Percale bed sheets are crisp, comfortable and durable

Percale is the preferred fabric for sleepers who like their sheets to feel crisp and cool. They're ideal in warmer climates, during the summertime, or for those who tend to sleep hot. However, those who want very soft sheets may want to consider sateen sheets instead, which we cover elsewhere in this report.

L.L.Bean has a reputation for producing quality sheets, and reviewers say the L.L.Bean 280-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheets (Est. $110 and up) don't disappoint. Owners find them to be cool and crisp, with a pleasingly substantial feel. Though experts with TheSweethome.com say these sheets soften after repeated washings, some users say they're too rough out of the package and can take a while to soften up enough. However, most are very pleased, and those who "sleep warm" say they feel cool even after months of use, retaining that crisp feel for quite a long time.

The L.L.Bean percale sheets fare well in expert durability tests, earning praise for their sturdy seams and resistance to tears, and reviewers say they hold up well over years of use with no shrinking, fading or pilling. These sheets have been around for many years and quite a few users say they are on their second or third set and are still extremely pleased. With a 15-inch pocket, the fit of the L.L.Bean sheets is good even on thicker mattresses. A few report that the sheets come out of the dryer with a few wrinkles, particularly above the hemstitch, although this is less of an issue if you fold them or put them on the bed right after drying.

L.L.Bean offers its sheets in neutrals, soft pastels and several prints, although the selection of colors and prints do undergo occasional changes. The sheets have a subtle hemstitch but no other embellishments, and they are available in twin, full, queen and king. L.L.Bean backs the sheets with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

While the L.L.Bean sheets have plenty going for them, a low price tag isn't among their perks. Value-conscious shoppers and college students who need extra-long twin sheets have a solid percale choice in the Threshold 300 Thread Count Ultra Soft Sheets (Est. $13 and up), which experts with TheSweethome.com say do a great job of keeping users cool in warmer weather. Users agree, and most are complimentary of their soft, worn-in feel. However, some caution that they aren't crisp enough for percale traditionalists and are prone to wrinkling. Some reviewers also report issues with tears and inconsistent sizing.

Threshold Ultra Soft sheets are sold exclusively at Target and fit mattresses up to 20 inches thick. Users love the fitted sheet's labeled corners that take the guesswork out of which corner is which. These sheets are sold as individual pieces and are also available as a set, Threshold Classic Percale Sheet Set (Est. $30 and up). Some reviewers like the option to purchase items separately, saying it lets them replace worn pieces without buying an entirely new set. Most of the 12 available solid colors are neutral, though there are a few brighter choices: red-orange, aqua and green, and sets are sold in 15 different colors and subtle patterns such as dots and stripes. The sheets are available in all sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king.

The J.C. Penney Home 300 Thread Count Easy Care Sheet Set (Est. $50 and up) is another mid-priced option that earns positive feedback from users. They're available in 12 different colors and six sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. Like the Threshold Ultra Soft Sheets, the color options are mostly neutral, such as ivory, linen and gray, as well as sage green, yellow and a few shades of blue. In addition to the 12 plain colors, four patterns are available.

The twin and twin XL sheets can fit mattresses up to 15 inches deep, while the larger sizes can accommodate mattresses up to 17 inches deep. Reviewers who have purchased the twin XL sheet say they're a great choice for dorm rooms and fit well. Users say they feel soft, crisp and smooth, and while they're not wrinkle-free out of the dryer, they do resist wrinkles pretty well compared to some percale sheets. Some reviewers do point out that they're prone to pilling, however, and because they're thin to start, a few users felt that they wore down too quickly after a few washings.

Microfiber is soft, affordable and durable

Few microfiber sheet sets get as much praise as Mellanni Microfiber Sheets (Est. $30 and up). Thousands of owners rave about these sheets' softness right out of the package -- although any sheets should be washed before use. For the price, say reviewers, you can't find a better deal in sheets, because the entire set (one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases) is included.

Owners note that Mellanni Microfiber Sheets are very thin, and many have been leery that they wouldn't last, but ended up pleasantly surprised at their durability. The 16-inch pockets fit most mattresses very well, and the top sheet is reported to be generously sized as well. Mellanni sheets come in a good variety of colors and patterns, both bright and muted, and all sizes including twin XL and California king, as well as split king. The edges are embroidered. Anyone who's on the fence about microfiber might be comforted by the fact that Mellanni offers a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee.

The Amazon Basics Microfiber Sheet Set (Est. $20 and up) is also a reviewer favorite, and it comes in all six sizes. Like the Mellanni Microfiber Sheets, they fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. They're available in a choice of 20 different colors, including plain neutrals, bold burgundy and plum and dark brown, as well as both bold and subtle patterns, such as gingham plaid and grey crosshatch. Most reviewers love these sheets, noting that they're a great value for the price, but we did read some concerns about pilling and fitting issues. While most users say they're comfortable, some say they're too scratchy. Finally, these sheets tend to be warmer to sleep on, according to reviewers, so they may not be the best choice for those who prefer crisp, cool sheets.

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