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Bed Sheets: Expert and User Reviews

By: Angela Stringfellow on July 26, 2017

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Bed Sheets: Ratings of Sources

Preethi Gopinath and Jackie Reeve, June 26, 2017

TheSweethome.com has conducted more than 300 hours of research and tests over four years as part of its coverage of the best sheets. The best bed sheets are chosen based on softness, durability, affordability, and other considerations. Thread counts, fabrics and weaves are discussed in detail. The best linen sheets, flannel sheets, twin extra-long sheets, and sheets under $50 are discussed in separate reports.

Contributors to L.L.Bean.com, As of July 2017

L.L.Bean is a top destination to read user reviews of that company's bed sheets. Most have a good number of reviews, and customers can leave reviews, rating sheets on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. While many reviews are detailed, some are quite brief, but there is enough feedback to get a good overview of the product.

Contributors to JCPenney.com, As of July 2017

At its website, JC Penney sells its own brand of sheets plus many other brands. Owners can rate sheets on a scale of 1 to 5 stars for quality, value, features and whether they meet expectations. Most users post only brief comments. Several sheets earn high ratings in more than one thousand reviews.

Contributors to Target.com, As of July 2017

Target sells a range of reasonably priced, well-reviewed sheets. Owners may rate sheets on a 1- to 5-star scale and indicate whether they would recommend the product to a friend. Some reviewers also rate the relative value of their purchase, but their remarks are usually brief.

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of July 2017

Amazon.com has thousands of listings for bed sheets, but you can filter results by fiber, thread count and brand. Very few products receive more than a few reviews from owners, so it's hard to get a full picture of durability and comfort after repeated washings except for the most popular items. However, many reviews are quite detailed and comment on long-term durability.

Contributors to Cuddledown.com, As of July 2017

Cuddledown is a high-end retailer of sheets and other bedding. Unsurprisingly, the higher price point means fewer reviews. Reviewers rate sheets on a 5-star scale, noting pros, cons and best uses.

Editors of ConsumerReports.org, April 2016

ConsumerReports.org no longer tests or rates sheets, but its buying guide provides good advice for anyone who wants to make a wise purchase. For instance, it guides buyers on how different weaves create softness or crispness, and cautions buyers against putting too much stock in thread count.

Editors of SleepLikeTheDead.com, March 8, 2017

A table compares eight top-rated bed sheet sets with at least 90 percent owner satisfaction after feedback from more than 500 consumers. The information is unbiased but focuses mostly on quantifiable data such as sheet depth, color choices and material rather than customers' pros and cons.

Editors of Good Housekeeping, Dec. 16, 2015

Good Housekeeping testers compared 19 sheet sets, evaluating them for wrinkle-resistance, feel, durability and other considerations. Editors name one overall winner, one softest sheet set and one most wrinkle-resistant. In addition to the winners, other sheet sets are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 and include detailed reviews.

Derek Hales, Not Dated

Derek Hale, editor of Sleepopolis.com, rates 20 mid-tier and luxury sheet sets on a scale of A through F. Each sheet set also includes a written review discussing construction and materials, build quality, durability and performance, and feel, cooling and style.

Maya Kukes, Not Dated

Maya Kukes interviews Stephen Cardino, the home fashion director at Macy's and a 25-year veteran of the bedding industry to offer this brief overview of how to choose a bed sheet. Thread count and materials are discussed.

Carly Ledbetter, Updated Nov. 4, 2015

Carly Ledbetter debunks a popular myth in this article: the idea that a higher thread count equates to better-quality sheets. Ledbetter talks to Shannon Maher, Assistant Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology Home Product Development Program, and luxury linens designer Nancy Koltes for the scoop on what to look for instead.

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