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Best Dual Shower Heads

By: Kelly Burgess on September 18, 2017

Dual shower heads can offer the best of both worlds

If you can't decide whether you want a regular shower head, a rain shower head or a handheld shower head, we have good news -- you may be able to have it all -- and in one unit.

If what you really want is a multi-spray shower system, but there isn't room for it in your budget, the Ana Bath SS5450 Shower System (Est. $60) is a good compromise. This dual-head shower system combines two five-inch shower heads, one fixed and one handheld. Both heads attach to a single shower arm by means of a three-way diverter mount. Each shower head has five functions: saturating spray, massage spray, bubbling spray and two combination settings. The flow rate is 2.33 gpm per head, or 4.66 gpm if you use both at once. However, several users note that the flow of both shower heads feel weaker when used simultaneously than when used one-at-a-time. Because of the 5-inch heads, this combination shower is more like a rain shower than a traditional shower head.

Owners love the versatility of the Ana Bath shower system, and they also find it easy to install. The flexible hose is 60-inches long, a bit shorter than some dedicated handheld showers, but most say it's plenty long enough.

If you prefer a smaller head like a more traditional shower, yet still want a dual system, the Hydroluxe Deluxe 3-way Shower Combo (Est. $25) has two shower heads, one fixed, one handheld, both with 4-inch faces, and 24 flow patterns, including massage, rain, mist and various combinations. The handheld nozzle has a 5-foot hose. Most owners agree that this Hydroluxe is a great shower head for the price, and its 2.5 gpm flow is reported as plenty strong, although, as with the Ana Bath, you'll experience some reduction in power if you're using both shower heads at the same time. Users say this system is very easy to install and, while it's mostly plastic, it feels quite durable.

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