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Top 7 Shower Head Reviews

By: Kelly Burgess on September 18, 2017

Shower Heads: Ratings of Sources

Editors of ConsumerReports.org, Not Dated

Editors evaluate around 20 different single setting and multi-setting shower heads. Each is rated and based on the feel of the water flow, ease of adjustment and how well it maintains hot water temperatures between the faucet and the bather. Each shower head earns an overall score, and some rate "Recommended" or Best Buy" status. These products represent a variety of styles of shower heads and flow ratings range from 1.5 to 2.5 gpm.

Tim Heffernan, Aug. 3, 2017

Tim Heffernan, along with several other site editors, researches and tests shower heads to find the one that has the best overall feel. The top pick is the Delta In2ition 58480. Other shower heads of various types are also tested and reviewed and several runners up are named.

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of September 2017

There are literally thousands of shower heads for sale at Amazon.com, including fixed shower heads, handhelds and shower systems. In each category, we found at least one or two models with high ratings and plenty with hundreds of reviews -- some with thousands. Many of the shower heads that are most popular here are lower-priced models that aren't included in professional tests, and even if they are, this is a great resource to determine the shower heads long term durability.

Contributors to HomeDepot.com, As of September 2017

HomeDepot.com sells hundreds of shower heads through its website, and quite a few of them have hundreds of reviews. It's easy to see the top-rated shower heads from the search page. Clicking on a product not only offers details on the overall rating, but also gives the percentage of buyers who would recommend the product. Furthermore, reviews are helpfully broken down by quality, value and ease of installation. While most reviews are unique to the site, some also include input left at the manufacturer's website.

Contributors to Lowes.com, As of September 2017

Like its competitor, HomeDepot.com, Lowes.com sells hundreds of shower heads, both fixed and handheld, of all types, and some get hundreds of consumer reviews. At this site, reviews are broken down into features, value, design, quality and ease of use, so you can narrow down your picks by which of those factors is most important. Owners can also say if they would recommend the shower head to a friend.

Contributors to eFaucets.com, As of September 2017

This plumbing supply site carries an extensive line of shower heads as well as fittings and accessories for installation. You have to click on the specific product to see the total number of reviews and overall rating, and there tend to be fewer review overall. However, reviews are helpfully broken down by pros and cons.

Editors of Good Housekeeping, March 26, 2015

Testers at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute test 20 "new" models and highlight four of them in this roundup. Each earns a brief description. It would be more helpful if testing methods were detailed, and if some information was provided on which products did not make the cut and why. Also, these few that did make this roundup tend to earn poor ratings at retail sites.

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