Keurig K55 Review

By: Kelly Burgess on October 16, 2017

Bottom Line

Thousands of happy owners praise the Keurig K55 for its ease of use, the wide variety of coffees, teas and other hot-water-based products that are available, and its two color options. The K55 boasts a large, 48 ounce reservoir.


  • Easy to use; clean
  • Consistent temperature/size
  • Compatible with reusable coffee filter
  • Many types and flavors of pods available


  • First cup speed a bit slow
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down


Starts off a bit slow, but then gets brewing. The Keurig K55 gets just a rating of Fair for first cup speed at, but a rating of Excellent for repeat speed. (Note: CR tests the K45, which is identical to the newer K55, just a different model number.) In that same test, the brewer also earns Excellent scores for temperature consistency and Good scores for taste and brewing range. We want to point out, too, that no single-cup brewer in's test gets better than a Good for taste. And owners don't necessarily agree with that average rating. Many say it brews a delicious cup of coffee, quickly and that they love the wide range of coffees, teas and cold beverages that are available. You can also purchase the optional My K-Cup (Est. $10) filter to brew from your own grounds.

Ease of use

Intuitive controls. One of the key features that put the Keurig K55 on top with both experts and owners is how simple it is to use. gives it an Excellent rating for convenience. It's very easy to fill, just remove the water reservoir and fill it at the sink. It needs an occasional needle cleaning, -- all pod coffee makers do -- but that's also reported as simple to do. The manufacturer also recommends descaling the K55 every three months for best operation and durability. Descaling is a bit of a pain, but some say it's worth it, especially if the K55 starts to run slow or brew short cups. However, many say they've never descaled their Keurig and it doesn't seem to negatively affect performance.


Generous water reservoir. The water reservoir on the Keurig K55 holds 48 ounces, enough for 6, 8-ounce cups of coffee. The brewer weighs about 12 pounds empty, and has a fairly compact footprint at 9.8 by 14 by 13.5 inches. Users say it's very attractive, with a sleek, modern look that looks nice on the counter. It comes in black and rhubarb (red). We read very few negative reviews about durability, just some scattered complaints about the K55 failing soon after purchase. Customer service gets mixed reviews, as many users say it's great as say it's terrible, so that's hard to gauge. The K55 comes with a three-year warranty.

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