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Mr. Coffee K-Cup Brewing System Review

By: Kelly Burgess on October 16, 2017

Bottom Line

The Mr. Coffee K-Cup Brewing System is a small coffee maker that will be a hit with those who live alone, college students, and people who are the sole coffee drinkers in their family. It's simple to use and owners love the wide variety of available pods.


  • Uses all types of K-Cups
  • Included reusable filter for grounds
  • Brews up to 10 ounces
  • Good durability


  • Small grounds capacity in filter
  • No fill lines for sizes under 10 oz.
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down


Versatile and fresh. Although the Mr. Coffee K-Cup Brewing System was ranked as the least-hot in testing at YourBestDigs.com, most owners say it makes a plenty hot and tasty cup of coffee every time. A few see the lack of a reservoir as a drawback, but most say that they love the idea of each cup of coffee being made with "fresh" water as opposed to water that has been sitting in a container. It also includes a filter for using your own grounds; with most other brands that's an optional accessory. The one quibble most people have with the Mr. Coffee's performance is that it's quite slow, taking up to two minutes to brew a cup of coffee. Testing backs that up, with a combined heat and brew time of 3 minutes 24 seconds at YourBestDigs.com.

Ease of use

Just add water. Although the Mr. Coffee K-Cup Brewing System isn't quite as simple to use as a Keurig, it's not exactly complicated either. Instead of lifting a handle and inserting a pod (or filter full of grounds), you slide the pod compartment out, insert a pod (or filled grounds filter) and slide it back in. The pod compartment can be tossed in the dishwasher (top rack only) for cleaning. You have to add water before each cup -- up to 10 ounces. According to owners, you lose some fluid in the brewing process, so you might want to add a bit more than the amount you want to yield.


Small footprint. If you love your coffee, but don't love how small your kitchen is, the Mr. Coffee K-Cup Brewing System will fit where you live. At 9.9 by 5.8 by 13 inches and just under four pounds, it's very small and portable. Many owners love that it fits in their apartment, dorm room or RV. We even saw a few comments from Airbnb hosts that they bought one for their guests' room. This coffee maker only comes in black, but has an espresso-maker vibe that owners admire. It gets decent reviews for durability; most say it consistently works well, although we did see a few complaints -- as we do with all small coffee makers -- that it seems flimsy or stopped working after a fairly short period of time. It's covered by a one-year warranty through Mr. Coffee.

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