Your Ultimate Football Party Guide

By Jake Schroeder
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When it comes to game day, football fans don’t mess around. Whether you’re throwing a football viewing party inside, outside or at a tailgate, this ultimate football party guide has everything you need to score a touchdown.

From the best television to the right games, drinks, tableware and game day snacks, this roundup of the best game day essentials is packed with nothing but crowd-pleasers. Add your friends and plenty of beer to get this party started!

Big-Screen Television

TCL 4K Smart LED Roku TV

When it comes to watching a football game, nothing is more important than a big-screen TV for home viewing. This TCL 4K Smart TV makes a great addition to any football party. Equipped with Amazon Alexa, it comes with all the most popular applications installed.

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This TV is sleek, easy to use and comes with plenty of bells and whistles. The 50-inch model sells for around $280. Additional sizes range from 43 inches to 75 inches at different price points. You can add wall mounting service for an extra $100.

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Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker

The Duo Nova Pressure Cooker from Instant Pot is sure to improve your game day cuisine. Not only can you cook chili in half the time, but you can serve up nachos, potatoes and dessert — all before half time.

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This stainless steel pressure cooker is dishwasher safe and cooks up to 70% faster than a traditional crockpot. The 6-quart model sells for less than $100. It also comes in a mini version as well as 8-quart and 10-quart models.

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Chip and Dip Set

Gibson Chip and Dip Set with Metal Rack

Chips and dips are staple pairings at any good football party. This Chip and Dip Bowl Set from Gibson has a unique two-tier design that positions the dip right above the chips for easy dipping.

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The ceramic design is both microwave and dishwasher safe. For less than $30, you can serve up guacamole, salsa or various other dips in style. The set also works great for serving sweet dips and fruits as well as savory dips and vegetables.

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Mini Fridge

120-Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door

If you’re throwing a football party indoors, a mini fridge offers less mess than a cooler. This Glass Door Mini Fridge from hOmeLabs holds up to 120 cans, and the clear glass door allows you and your guests to see all the beverage options before choosing.

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The shelves on this fridge are adjustable and removable so you can fit different cans and drinks. You can store cans of soda, beer or sparkling water or up to 60 bottles of wine. Depending on what you’re cooling, the temperature adjusts as well. This convenient appliance costs around $280 and is usable year-round.

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Comfortable Couch

Contemporary Upholstered Couch

This Contemporary Upholstered Couch is both affordable and comfortable enough to host you and your friends on game day. The contemporary look is visually appealing, and the overall size is great for small spaces. The sofa also doesn't require any tools to set up.

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It comes in gray, brown or blue for less than $420. In terms of assembly, the cushions, arms and legs snap together quickly, and the high-density cushions stand up to the most rigorous sports fans. Depending on the color you choose, a loveseat may also be available for a complete set.

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EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

Beer is a classic football drink, which makes the Full-Size Kegerator a party essential. It holds standard 1/4 and 1/2 kegs and rolls around on wheels for easy onsite mobility. The freestanding Kegerator comes in black or stainless steel.

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The keg and all the hardware are included with this model, and it also has an internal or external CO2 tank. You can easily fit a standard-size keg of most of your favorite brews. The Kegerator sells for around $460 for the black version and $480 for the stainless steel model.

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Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Surround Sound Home Theater System

The Logitech Surround Sound Home Theater System will blast the big game throughout your home. This set comes with five speakers, a subwoofer and external TV speakers to provide a theater-like experience from the comfort of your couch.

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The system is pretty easy to use and install, and you can hook up two devices without needing to disconnect from one or the other. It offers 50 watts peak and 75 watts RMS power for less than $80.

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Beer Glasses

Libbey Craft Brews Belgian Beer Glasses

A set of four Libbey Craft Brews Belgian Beer Glasses will have you sipping your game time brews in style. Each glass is 16 ounces, and the set comes with four glasses for less than $20. You can also buy single glasses or a pair.

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If you're planning on entertaining multiple guests, go for the four-pack of glasses. The set is also durable and dishwasher safe. The design is shaped specifically for Belgian ales, but you can certainly use them for any type of brew.

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Homall Single Recliner Club Chair

The Homall Single Recliner Club Chair provides the most comfortable place to watch the game in the entire house. You can sit back and relax in style with your feet propped up. The chair is made of high-quality PU leather, which makes it easy to wipe up spills.

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It features a curved design, and the seat comfortably reclines all the way to a sleeping position. As far as recliners go, this one has a pretty low profile. Let's just say it certainly isn't your grandpa's giant leather recliner.

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Plastic Cups

Hefty Plastic Cups

Host like a pro with the ultimate colorful party cup. Hefty Disposable Plastic Cups make cleaning up after your football party a breeze. These cups are great for beer, cocktails, water, soda, punch — you name it! An extra perk related to using plastic cups at a party is you won't have to worry about broken glass.

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This party pack comes in a variety of colors and includes 100 16-ounce cups for around $7. If you're expecting a big crowd, 200 and 300 count packages are available. The assorted colors include purple, green, orange and blue.

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Football Tablecloth

Grandipity Football Field Tablecloth

Give your football party a festive touch with a fun table. The Grandipity Football Field Tablecloth fits up to an 8-foot table and makes cleanup easy. Because it’s disposable, you can just fold up the party mess and throw it away.

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This tablecloth measures 54 inches by 108 inches and can easily be cut to size, if necessary. It also comes in about 20 other colors and patterns as well as six-packs and 12-packs. One tablecloth costs around $7.

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Cooler on Wheels

Coleman Wheeled Cooler

The Wheeled Cooler from Coleman is a great football party staple. If you need to free up space in your fridge, you can store beer, soda, water and other party favorites in this cooler to keep everything cool.

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This cooler is great for football parties, outdoor barbecues, camping and tailgating. It holds up to 84 cans and keeps them ice-cold for up to five days in temperatures up to 90 degrees. The drain makes it easy to remove water, and it has a handle for easy transport. This 50-quart cooler costs around $42.

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Cornhole Game

GoSports Cornhole Set

The GoSports Cornhole Set makes a great addition to any football party or tailgate. The solid wood set is made for four players and comes with a carrying case for easy transportation as well as eight tossing bags.

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The regulation-size set has targets that are 4 feet by 2 feet. It’s available for around $120, or you can choose a tailgate size for around $100. The smaller version measures 3 feet by 2 feet. Pick up some decals or paint to add your own design.

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Ice Bucket

Bellemain Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

Every good football party needs plenty of cold beverages, and sometimes those beverages need ice. The Bellemain Stainless Steel Ice Bucket keeps drinks ice-cold all night long. The insulated, 3-liter bucket also comes with a bonus set of serving tongs. The slotted design helps with melting and condensation.

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It comes in a stainless steel finish with reinforced handles and a lid, and it boasts a cooling time of up to six hours. This bucket costs around $27 and includes a three-year warranty.

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Condiment Server

Chilled Condiment Server

Condiments and game day food go together like football and weekends. This Chilled Condiment Server makes a great addition to any football party or tailgate. It gives you and your guests easy access to condiments for hot dogs, burgers, drinks and more.

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This condiment tray comes with a lid and a compartment for ice underneath. The five compartments hold 2 cups of anything from pickles to olives, cherries and onions. It costs around $23 and can be used indoors or outdoors.

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Wilson Super Grip Football

The Wilson Super Grip Football adds a lot of fun to a football party. You can toss it around in the yard or in the parking lot while tailgating. Kids and adults will enjoy playing a game of football during half time or before the big game starts.

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This ball is officially branded and made of composite leather. It has a super grip composite cover that makes it easy to handle. The official version sells for around $14, and a junior version sells for the same price. The youth junior version is recommended for kids ages 9 through 12.

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Peanut Variety Pack

Planters Variety Pack

Peanuts are a classic game day staple. This Planters Nut Variety Pack makes a great tailgate or football party snack. The multi-pack comes with six bags of cashews, 12 salted peanuts and six honey roasted peanuts, for a total of 24 individual snack packs.

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Each bag is individually wrapped for quick serving at a party and easy transport to a tailgate. This also provides some safety for any guests with peanut allergies. A single box costs around $8.

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Bottle Opener

Professional Corkscrew Bottle Opener

This Professional Corkscrew Bottle Opener is a handy addition to any football party. You can keep it on the bar for easy access or pack it in your cooler bag. It includes a corkscrew for opening wine bottles, a bottle opener and a foil cutter.

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The stainless steel gadget comes in a variety of handle and wood colors. It’s a pretty heavy-duty tool capable of opening wine in a few easy turns. It sells for $10 to $12, depending on the color of the wood on the handle.

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Portable Projector

VANKYO Portable Movie Projector with TV Stick

Night games are a great excuse for using an outdoor movie projector. The VANKYO Portable Movie Projector with TV Stick lets you display the prime-time football game onto a screen, blank wall or even a garage door. The projector has hookups for PS4, HDMI, VGA and USB. You can even connect it to your smartphone.

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The projector provides a watching size between 32 inches and 170 inches with a recommended viewing distance of 6.5 feet. To connect to your phone, you will need to purchase an extra HDMI hook up. This mini projector and carrying case cost around $80.

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Hot Dog Steamer

Nostalgia Coca-Cola Hot Dog Steamer

The Nostalgia Coca-Cola Hot Dog Steamer offers a fun way to serve game day food. This steamer cooks up to 24 hot dogs at once, and the bun warmer holds up to 12 hot dog buns. Hot dogs and buns are ready in around 15 to 20 minutes.

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This hot dog and bun steamer can also be used to make sausages, brats, dumplings and breakfast sausage. It disassembles for easy cleanup, and the cord winds up and stores underneath. It’s available for less than $35.

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Barbecue Grill

Weber 14-inch Portable Barbecue Grill

The Weber 14-inch Portable Barbecue Grill helps you get your football tailgate or cookout started with some fresh grilled grub. The Smokey Joe charcoal grill is a nice portable size, so you can use it in a smaller outdoor space or at a tailgate.

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The 14-inch grill space cooks around five or six medium-sized burgers or four steaks. You can also heat up game day tacos, burritos, brats, hot dogs, vegetables and buns. The removable lid holds in heat and is easy to clean. It sells for around $35.

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Folding Table

Lifetime Utility Folding Table

The Utility Folding Table from Lifetime comes in 4-foot and 6-foot sizes and makes a great serving table for your football party or outdoor tailgate. When you need extra table space, simply fold it out and add a few extra chairs.

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This adjustable table folds quickly and wipes down easily for cleanup. It even has a handle to help with transport and storage. The table is durable enough to hold a warm crockpot and pans. The 4-foot table sells for less than $40, while the 6-foot sizes sells for around $50.

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Outdoor Heater

Outdoor Patio Heater

This Outdoor Patio Heater will keep you and your football-loving crew warm and toasty throughout the game. You can use it at a tailgate or on a patio or deck during chilly football season.

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The heater weighs around 40 pounds and has wheels on it for easy portability. (You will need to assemble the wheels and put the heater together upon delivery.) The heat output is around 46,000 BTU's. It sells for less than $150, and assembly service is available for an additional $78.

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Beer Pong Table

GoPong Football Portable Beer Pong Table

The GoPong Football Portable Beer Pong Table offers a festive and fun way to bring a little friendly competition to your tailgate or football party. The regulation-sized table folds into a briefcase, so you can easily pack it for game day. Six pong balls are included.

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All you need are some cups and the drink of your choice to get this game underway. The table folds out to 8 feet by 2 feet and weighs around 25 pounds. The football version sells for less than $90. There is also a black version and an American version as well as a dry erase model.

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Drink Dispenser

Buddeez 1.75 Gallon Clear Beverage Dispenser

The Buddeez 1.75 Gallon Clear Beverage Dispenser adds a fun touch to your party drink display for around $15. Whether you're hosting a tailgate or a party at home, this dispenser is a fun way to serve beverages. You can fill it with fruit punch, lemonade or a signature cocktail.

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This drink dispenser comes with a stand and an ice cone to keep your drink cool. It holds 1.75 gallons and includes a chalkboard sign and a cup holder. The dispenser measures 14.5 inches high and is not intended for hot beverages.

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Folding Chairs

Flash Furniture Folding Chairs

Flash Furniture Folding Chairs come in handy for all your temporary seating needs. These chairs are light, durable and easy to fold. They work great indoors or outdoors at a tailgate or in the yard.

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Each chair also has drain holes in case water or liquid gets spilled on it. The chairs can be used outside, but they aren't weather resistant, so store them indoors when they aren't in use. The 10-pack sells for around $150 and is available in several colors.

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Serving Bowl Stand

Masirs Three-Tier Serving Bowl

Masirs Three-Tier Serving Bowl is a perfect solution for serving your game day snacks. The triple-tier design twists and folds down for easy storage. When you're ready to host your party, just pop up the tray and fill it with chips, popcorn or any of your favorite game day snacks.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

The top tier of the tray is divided into three sections for smaller snacks like nuts or candy. You can also use it for a nacho bar or for toppings for chili. This snack tray is available in bowl form for around $13 or in a party tray version for around $11.

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TV Table

Table Mate Folding TV Tray with Cup Holder

Sometimes you just need more seating when it comes to party time. The Table Mate Folding TV Tray with Cup Holder extends to six different heights and three angles. The table is lightweight and folds easily for storing under the couch or in a closet when it’s not in use.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

When you need an extra serving space or table for party guests, pop this table open. It also includes a cup holder to hold beers, sodas or other beverages during game time. It’s available for less than $40 and comes in black, brown, gray and white.

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Football Throw Blanket

Plush Football Throw Blanket

Football season is pretty chilly in most parts of the country. This Plush Football Throw Blanket is perfect for staying warm, no matter where you’re watching the game. With officially licensed designs for all the NFL teams, it’s a perfect game day addition for every fan.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

The blanket measures 60 inches by 80 inches, making it ideal for sharing. Use it snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite team, or take it to a tailgate or stadium for extra warmth. Don't worry about dirt or spills. It's machine washable and dryable and has colors that don't fade. This blanket sells for around $35.

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Popcorn Maker

Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper

Popcorn is always a delicious game day snack. The Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper can help you serve up the best air-popped treat around. The machine pops 18 cups of popcorn in less than 2.5 minutes, and it doesn't require any oil.

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Photo Courtesy: Amazon

An air popper offers a healthier, more efficient alternative to microwave popcorn. Because you're using kernels, you also save a lot of money compared to single-use microwavable bags. This air popper sells for less than $20 and snaps together quickly.

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