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DeLonghi TRD40615T Review

By: Carl Laron on October 04, 2017

Bottom Line

If you want heat that lasts, even hours after the space heater is turned off, the DeLonghi TRD40615T oil-filled radiator is a top pick. It's a great choice for a bedroom, where experts recommend against having an operating space heater while you sleep.


  • Efficient
  • Quiet
  • 24-hour timer
  • Long lasting heat


  • Slow to heat
  • No remote control
  • Some odor complaints
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down


Slow start, but exceptional staying power. Experts recommend oil-filled, radiator-style heaters for well-insulated rooms where the heater will be on for long periods. Like similar models, the DeLonghi TRD40615T oil-filled radiator takes quite a while to initially heat up, but it then provides steady, warm heat, even long after the power is turned off -- and enough of it to earn at least one expert recommendation as a good space heater for larger spaces. Still, if you want spot heating or fast heating, a ceramic space heater like the Lasko 754200 (Est. $25) is a better, more economical choice.

Ease of use

Simple does it. The DeLonghi TRD40615T features an analog control system. The manual knobs are easy enough to set, most say (though some complaints on that score do crop up from time to time). The biggest drawback, however, is the lack of a remote control, so you'll need to go to the unit to make any setting changes (for example, increasing or decreasing the thermostat setting). The 24 hour timer adds convenience; you can set the radiator to automatically turn on several hours before bedtime ensuring you of a warm sleeping area when it comes time to hit the sack. Like all oil-filled radiators, the DeLonghi TRD40615T takes a while to warm up a room -- one reason that the timer is such a nice plus. There are three output levels (700, 800 and 1,500 watts) so you can scale the heat output to the size of the room. We did see some complaints about odors -- as is typical with oil-filled radiators. Most say those go away on their own, or by speeding up the process by running the heater in an open space for several hours, though some complain that the odor persisted.


Stays cool to the touch. Touching a standard radiator when it's hot is not a pleasant experience. However, the DeLonghi TRD40615T oil-filled space heater features a design that directs heat upwards, out of reach of children and pets, keeping its sides cool to the touch. The downside, however, is that the top vents can get pretty hot to the touch. There's no tip-over sensor -- but toppling this weighty radiator is something that's unlikely to happen by accident. There is an overheat cut-off for added safety.


A silent operator. Unlike other types of space heaters, oil-filled radiators lack a fan so they are among the quietest whole-room space heaters you can buy. Professional testers and owners agree, the DeLonghi TRD40615T is very quiet. We did see a few comments that noted a clicking sound when the heater cycled on or off, or a banging/clanging sound at odd intervals. Some object, but most either don't notice these noises or don't find them to be objectionable

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