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Lasko 6462 Review

By: Carl Laron on October 04, 2017

Bottom Line

The Lasko 6462 delivers ample features -- including digital controls and a remote -- and ample performance, earning it respect from users and some expert reviewers. The oscillating unit covers a full 360 degrees, or can be set to swing over a smaller arc if it's to be placed against the wall or in a corner.


  • Oscillation to heat a space more uniformly
  • Lots of features
  • Easy to use
  • Safe around combustible materials


  • No tip over sensor
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down


A circle of heat. While a fan is important to spread out the heat in a room, oscillation distributes that heat more evenly -- and the Lasko 6462 has both of those features. This ceramic space heater is billed as being able to swing its heat over a full 360 degree circle, and the sweep can also be adjusted for maximum effectiveness when placed near a wall (170 degrees) or in a corner (90 degrees). The 1,500 watt maximum heat setting is the highest power level you can get with an electric space heater designed for use with a standard AC outlet in the U.S., though some other space heaters are judged to be a little more effective in heating a whole room or a nearby person in expert tests. Users seem plenty pleased, however. Reliability and durability are factors that typically pull down user ratings, but we spotted fewer complaints in that regard with the Lasko 6462 than with some competing space heaters.

Ease of use

No sweat. The Lasko 6462 has digital controls on the unit and comes with a functional remote control. Some users say that the touch controls could be a bit better, but with the remote, you don't ever need to actually touch them. Others welcome the fact that the remote is not a must to set up and use the heater -- especially since many remotes sometimes go missing at the most inconvenient times.


No tip-over sensor. This is a tower heater, a type more prone to accidental tip-over than other types. That's why we consider the lack of a tip-over sensor to be disappointing. However, the Lasko 6462 is otherwise well covered on the safety front. There's an overheat cut-off that will turn the heater off if it becomes dangerously hot. ConsumerReports.org rates safety as fire safety as Very Good, thanks to a case that stays cool to the touch, and an exhaust that does not become excessively hot during operation.


Powerful, yet quiet. Users report that the fan on the Lasko 6462 is pretty powerful. That's why it's notable to see relatively few complaints when it comes to fan noise. ConsumerReports.org rates the 6462 to be Excellent when it comes to keeping noise highly in check.

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