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Lasko 754200 Review

By: Carl Laron on October 04, 2017

Bottom Line

For a small, inexpensive space heater, the Lasko 754200 often exceeds the expectations of experts and users. It heats quickly and effectively, and its 1,500 watt rating puts it at the top in terms of heat output among all electric space heaters -- though its small size makes it better for a small room.


  • Heats well
  • Small
  • Good value


  • Lacks a tip-over sensor
  • Some say it is loud
Our Analysis

Breaking it down


Packs heat for a petite unit. For a heater of this size and price, the Lasko 754200 ceramic space heater is very effective, according to reviewers. The unit puts out a good deal of heat, and its powerful fan circulates the warm air quickly. Testing at TheSweethome.com put it in first place among tested space heaters of all types in heating an 11- by 13-foot room in the least amount of time. We see some durability complaints, but these are in line with what we see with almost all space heaters of all types.

Ease of use

Not advanced, but straightforward controls. Though the Lasko 754200 has an effective thermostat, it doesn't offer the digital display, remote control, or timer of some pricier models -- which may be a good or bad thing, depending on your perspective. Owners say they find the two knobs (one for temperature, one for fan) to be very intuitive and simple to use. The heater is also lightweight and easy to move. A six foot cord makes placement without resorting to an extension cord easier.


No tip-over switch. A tip-over switch is often recommended for safer operation of space heaters, and the lack of one on the Lasko 754200 is a concern, but one that doesn't bother experts and most owners it seems. There is an overheat sensor that will cut-off operation if the heater's temperature exceeds a safe level, as would happen if the unit were accidently tipped over. Reviews indicate that the case stays relatively cool during operation. The heat outlet is warm, but no so warm as to be dangerous around combustible fabrics, experts say.


Noisy fan. We did see some complaints about fan noise, though not very many more than we see with other space heaters equipped with a reasonably powerful fan. TheSweethome.com tests the Lasko and says that at a distance of six feet, the sound is at about the same level as you would hear from a refrigerator compressor when running. Seamus Bellamy adds that this is about in the middle of the pack among the space heaters the site has recently tested.

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