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Best Sports Bras for Large Busts

By: Saundra Latham on December 07, 2016

Support is paramount in a sports bra for large busts

Most sports bras for large busts encapsulate each breast in order to provide better support. This separation also helps guard against discomfort and irritation that can occur when breasts rub together during a workout.

Women with large busts who want to ditch the squish are enthusiastic about the Panache Sports Bra (Est. $70). The bra's molded cups and underwire encapsulate each breast to provide high-impact support, making uniboob a non-issue. Users also love the huge range of sizes and colors.

The Panache Sports Bra is made of polyester, polyamide and elastane. The fabric is moisture-wicking, and the bra has a mesh panel in front between the breasts to increase breathability; reviewers say the bra does a good job of keeping them dry. They also report few problems with chafing from the flat seams or poking from the underwire or hook-and-eye closure, which are padded for comfort. The wide mesh straps are padded in front and adjustable in the back. The bra is easy to put on and take off, women say.

Reviewers say the Panache delivers on its promise to provide maximum support for full-busted women. Testers give it particularly high marks for high-impact workouts, including running, cross-training and aerobics. The padded underwire and molded, lightly padded cups encapsulate each breast to minimize movement. While most women are pleased with the support, a few feel compression bras do a better job of minimizing bounce. Band sizes range from 28 to 40, while cup sizes range from B to J. Some say the bra runs small.

The Panache has a high sweetheart neckline, an open back and hook-and-eye closures. The thick straps taper in the back and can be joined into a racerback. The bra is available in at least a dozen vibrant colors and patterns. Reviewers love the designs and style, especially since bras for large-busted women are often utilitarian-looking. The padding keeps nipples from showing, and testers praise the shape the Panache gives them under shirts. But while some women like the full coverage, others say the high neckline and full cups feel overwhelming on their chests.

Well-endowed women who want a supportive bra that can go beyond the gym sing the praises of the Wacoal Women's Underwire Sport Bra (Est. $65). While it might not offer the high-impact support of the Panache, the Wacoal is a great choice for women who want full support without feeling locked in or suffocated by a bra, reviewers say.

The Wacoal is made from 80 percent nylon and 20 percent Spandex/Elastane. The fabric is moisture-wicking, though some reviewers say it might not be able to keep up with intensely sweaty workouts. The bra has thick straps that are adjustable from the back, a standard hook-and-eye closure and an open back. It does not convert into a racerback. Owners say it's just as easy to put on as a regular bra, a welcome change from the stiff fabric and tricky closures found on may other sports bras.

Reviewers give the Wacoal sports bra mixed reviews for support. While many say it's fine for a variety of active pursuits, others say it still allows too much bounce during higher-impact activities such as running or intense aerobics. Like the Panache, the Wacoal has an underwire and molded cups that encapsulate each breast. Reviewers love this, saying it does a great job of separating the breasts and warding off uniboob. They also appreciate that the underwire is on the outside of the cups, which helps keep chafing to a minimum. Band sizes range from 32 to 42, and cups are available in sizes from C to H. Some say it runs a bit small.

Even though it's a sports bra, the Wacoal's traditional styling means it does a fairly good impression of a regular bra. Reviewers like this, and many say they prefer to wear it for day-to-day activities. Some women caution that the high neckline will show under deep V-necks or scoop necks. Others warn that the fabric of the cups feels relatively thin and allows nipples to show, making this a dubious choice for women who like to wear very thin shirts or go shirt-free during workouts. The bra is available several solid colors.

High-impact activities need a high-performance sports bra

Running, intense aerobics and other high-impact activities demand more structured sports bras that minimize distracting, often-painful bouncing. Bras for high-impact activities often provide thicker fabrics, heavy-duty straps and ample adjustability to keep breasts as still as possible.

Reviewers say the Enell Sport (Est. $65) works exactly as advertised, keeping even the largest breasts on lockdown during high-impact activities. Despite its intimidating harness-like looks, most find it comfortable and effective at keeping sweat locked away.

Made of 90 percent nylon and 10 percent Lycra, the Enell Sport doesn't have as much give as other sports bras, in order to provide more support. It also has thick, non-adjustable straps that earn mixed reviews -- while most users say the straps don't dig in and help relieve pressure, some wish for customizable length. Reviewers say the fabric is durable and does a good job of wicking sweat. There are few reports of chafing or other discomfort, and a wide elastic band helps keep the bra from riding up.

Support is where the Enell Sport shines. The bra encapsulates and separates each breast, but the compression fabric also limits movement. It does not have an underwire. Designed specifically for well-endowed women, it's ideal for D cups and beyond, experts agree. Reviewers say the Enell Sport is best for high-impact workouts such as running, aerobics and cross-training. Enell uses a non-standard sizing system that corresponds roughly to sizes 32C through 52DDD. Owners say it's important to follow measurement guidelines for a proper fit.

As for style, the Enell won't win any awards. It has a high neckline, front hook-and-eye closures and a solid, full-coverage back. While reviewers note that these features make the bra more supportive, they say they also give it a utilitarian, "straitjacket" look. Most agree this isn't a bra you would wear without a shirt, or with anything remotely low-cut. In addition, several users say the bra's seaming is too conspicuous and shows through thin shirts, while others are turned off by the fabric's shiny finish. The bra comes in at least eight colors, including white, black, pink and blue.  

If the Enell Sport is just too much bra, the Brooks Moving Comfort Juno (Est. $60) is a good alternative for well-endowed women who want a comfortable bra to wear during high-impact activities. It's also more attractive than the Enell, reviewers say. The Juno's substantial, moisture-wicking fabric and thick, easy-to-adjust straps are also big plusses.

The Juno is made from 75 percent moisture-wicking polyester and 25 percent Lycra. Most users say it does a good job of locking away sweat, with mesh zones and keyholes on the back to increase breathability. Leah Gallant with GearInstitute.com says the fabric can seem stiff and may make things steamy in front after long workouts, however. The thick straps are adjustable, with Velcro loops on the front of the bra. Seams are covered to reduce chafing, but a few women say they still had problems, particularly under the arms. Several reviewers say the bra is difficult to put on.

Reviewers agree the Juno provides enviable high-impact support for large-busted women. Expert testers put the bra through its paces during stair workouts, road running and trail running, giving it a perfect 10 out of 10 for minimizing bounce. The bra offers a combination of encapsulation and compression, with contoured cups. There is no underwire, and most say uniboob is minimal. Band sizes range from 30 to 40, with cup sizes C, D, DD and E. The adjustable Velcro straps make it easy to get a custom fit.

The Juno has a moderately high sweetheart neckline and slightly molded non-removable cups. The racerback has two keyholes, which reviewers say adds interest to an otherwise inoffensive design, especially when the bra is layered under revealing tank tops. Others like that the bra is modest enough to wear on its own. The Juno comes in at least five colors, including white, black, and hot pink, but selection is varied around the web.

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