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Sports Bras : Ratings of Sources

By: Saundra Latham on December 07, 2016

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Sports Bras for Large Busts Our Sources

Sports Bras: Ratings of Sources

Editors of Good Housekeeping, Nov. 4, 2015

Editors pick eight top sports bras after testing 39 for comfort, durability and support. A winner and runner-up are chosen in the following categories: A-B cup, C-D cup, DD-E cup and F-H cup. Though the Good Housekeeping Research Institute has a reputation for balanced, thorough testing, the accompanying blurbs focus only on positives.

Meg Lappe, May 17, 2016

Lappe makes 27 total picks for the best low, medium and high-impact sports bras for A/B cups, C/D cups and D/D+ cups. Recommendations are based on testing by Self.com staffers, who tested more than 170 bras during yoga, runs and interval training. Accompanying blurbs are quite short and uniformly positive, however.

Allison Pattillo, May 16, 2016

Pattillo's picks for large-busted women are based on first-hand testing of dozens of sports bras. The blurbs accompanying the three recommended bras integrate testers' comments, but don't note any cons. Separate guides elsewhere on the site make picks for A, B, C and D cups.

Kelly Bastone, As of December 2016

Bastone separates her sports bra roundups into the following categories: best for A/B, best for C/D and best for DD+. Each category features at least five picks with short reviews. Information appears to be based on first-hand testing but is uniformly positive. Articles also link to recommendations from previous years.

Editors of GearInstitute.com, March 2013

Two testers evaluate 20 sports bras during high-impact workouts including running, stairs, riding, skiing and yoga. They assign ratings for comfort, fit, mobility, functionality, support, breathability and value. Reviews are very thorough and comparative, noting pros and cons for every bra. But the report is a bit old, so some of the bras may have been redesigned or discontinued since testing.

Nikki Ogunnaike, Not Dated

This roundup picks 15 sports bras in the following categories: best low-impact, best medium-impact, best high-impact, and best built-in bra tank. Picks are based on real-world testing in a variety of workouts. Short blurbs note positives and negatives.

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of December 2016

As one of the largest online retailers in the U.S. with a long-standing tradition of collecting user reviews, Amazon.com offers a wealth of user feedback on popular sports bras, including nearly all of those covered in this report. Reviews are useful both for anecdotal information about bras and for gathering consensus about a bra's overall support, comfort and style.

Contributors to HerRoom.com, As of December 2016

HerRoom.com is a major online lingerie retailer that features hundreds of owner reviews of popular sports bras, which range from inexpensive to high-end. Reviewers rate each bra on a five-star scale and note pros and cons, but reviews are often not as thorough as those found on Amazon.com.

Contributors to DicksSportingGoods.com, As of December 2016

Dick's Sporting Goods sells some of the biggest brands in sports bras, including Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Champion and more. Reviewers rate bras on a five-star scale and have the option of providing further ratings for size, fit and comfort. While there are a handful of thorough reviews, most tend to be brief.

Editors of Rank & Style, Feb. 20, 2014

This roundup of 10 sports bras bases its picks on buzz, owner reviews, editors' opinions and sales. The short blurbs note the bras' distinctive characteristics and recommend cup sizes for most of them. Editors don't note any cons, and it doesn't appear that any testing was done.

Christine Luff, Oct. 17, 2016

Christine Luff, VeryWell.com's running expert, picks six sports bras for this roundup. The relatively short reviews are informative, but don't include any cons or compare bras. It's unclear how the bras were chosen for the roundup, though Luff does reference bra testers.

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