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Best Ironing Boards

By: Amy Livingston on November 13, 2017

Ironing boards run from basic to deluxe

Regardless of whether you opt for a corded or cordless steam iron, you'll want a good quality ironing board to get the best results. The one professional test we found for ironing boards, conducted by Wirecutter, names the Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest Size B (Est. $100) as the absolute best ironing board you can buy. The "size B" part means that it measures 124 centimeters (about 49 inches) long by 38 cm (15 in) wide, a modest but reasonable size. As for the height, you can adjust it to any of seven different settings between 69 cm (27 in) and 96 cm (38 in). This makes it convenient for users of all heights, including those who prefer to do their ironing while seated.

It may seem crazy to spend $100 on an ironing board, but reviewers agree the Brabantia board is worth the price. Reviewer Jackie Reeve of Wirecutter says it's much sturdier than any other board its size – a reassuring feature if you have small children running around. It also includes two separate locking mechanisms: one to keep it from collapsing during use and one to keep it folded during transport. The board's smallish size give you less work area, but it also allows it to fold into a compact shape that's easy to store in a smaller apartment. It comes with a sturdy iron rest that attaches to the back, and it has a wide assortment of attractive covers to choose from, although Reeve says they're a bit on the thin side. Lastly, it's backed by an impressive 10-year warranty – twice as long as its nearest competitors.

We found more than 200 reviews for the Brabantia Size B at Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond, most of them glowing. Owners say the board is stable and very easy to open and close, and they appreciate the multiple height settings. However, not everyone is crazy about the attached ironing rest, which some owners say just gets in the way. We also saw a few complaints from owners that said that the legs on their boards were uneven, causing it to wobble. This problem doesn't appear to affect most Brabantia boards, so if you get a lemon, we'd recommend taking advantage of the generous warranty and returning it. For $100, it's not unreasonable to expect an ironing board to work flawlessly.

If you prefer an ironing board with a larger work surface, Wirecutter recommends the Homz Durabilt (Est. $90). Made in the USA, this generously sized board measures 54 inches long by 14.9 inches wide, and its height adjusts to a maximum of 39.5 inches – a feature that's much appreciated by taller users. The top is made of sturdy metal mesh, covered with a thick cotton-and-foam pad. Reeve says the mesh construction helps steam flow through your garments, and the cover fits securely with no lumps. And, like the Brabantia, it includes a sturdy attached iron rest, with silicone pads to keep the metal from heating up and hanger slots on the sides for the garments you've finished pressing.

What really sets this ironing board apart from the pack is its generous size and sturdy construction. Reeve says the wide top is useful for craft projects, and the legs open up to a still greater width of 25 inches, making it "rock-steady." The downside of this larger size is, as Reeve notes, that this "beast of an ironing board" is quite heavy – 20 pounds compared to the Brabantia's 15 – and rather bulky to store.

Users at Amazon agree that the Homz Durabilt is super stable, and its quick-release handle makes it easy to open and adjust. They also consider it very durable, with one exception: the padded cover. Although Reeve describes the cover as both thick and secure, several owners say that the covers on their ironing boards either were too thin, wearing out or ripping soon after purchase, or didn't fit securely. Also, this board doesn't appear to come with any sort of warranty. It's a small detail, but it's a bit disappointing that a manufacturer with such a good product doesn't back it up with a guarantee.

If your space – or your budget – is especially tight, consider the Honey-Can-Do BRD-01435 Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board (Est. $13). This bargain-priced, mini-sized board can be set up on any table or other flat surface, then stowed away in a cupboard when you're done ironing. Its construction isn't too impressive, with a fiberboard base and a thin cover that can't be removed for washing. However, it does have short metal legs that fold flat for storage and a slide-out metal ironing rest – a surprising extra touch in a board this cheap.

Reeve isn't too impressed with this tabletop ironing board, saying it wobbles, slides around on a countertop, and "felt awkward" to set up and use. However, owners at Amazon and Walmart are far more enthusiastic, giving it overall ratings of around 4.5 stars out of 5 in more than 600 reviews across both sites. Though they admit the Honey-Can-Do board is a bit flimsy, they also say its small size and weight make it very convenient for quick touch-ups. They also describe it as stable, easy to set up, and amazingly cheap.

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