The Best Office and Home Phone VoIP Devices

Photo Courtesy: adamkaz/E+/Getty Images

Need a cost-effective, reliable way to keep in touch while working from home or chatting with loved ones across the world? Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) may be ideal for your needs. This technology allows you to make phone calls over the internet instead of using a traditional telephone line, which keeps the costs lower (no long-distance fees!) and gives you the mobility to use your online phone number anywhere you can bring your computer and access Wi-Fi. That way, you're not tethered to a home or business phone, which removes some communication limitations and lets you enjoy improved productivity.

If you're thinking of adding a VoIP device to your home- or work-tech lineup, take a look at some of the best options on the market. There's a wide selection to meet a variety of needs, whether you're prioritizing portability or managing multiple lines.

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