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General AltiMax RT43 Review

By: Carl Laron on September 21, 2017

Bottom Line

The General AltiMax RT43 is more than just a cheap tire -- experts say that it's a great performer, too. It's available in H-speed and V-speed rated versions, as well, but the T-speed version offers a longer (75,000 mile tread warranty) and is a terrific performer on light to moderate snow.


  • Great value
  • Excellent tire warranty
  • Long tread life
  • Good overall performance
  • T-speed version is an exceptional performer on snow


  • Tire is "louder" than most
Our Analysis

Breaking it down


An all-season radial that's actually good on snow? Don't fool yourself into thinking that the General AltiMax RT43 is a good winter choice in areas where Jack Frost doesn't fool around. But if you live in an area typical snowfall accumulations are measured in inches rather than feet, the T-rated version of the RT43 could be a rare four-season choice. In testing at ConsumerReports.org, performance across the typical criteria of handling, traction, breaking and comfort under both dry and wet conditions score respectable grades of Good to Very Good. However, when it comes to snow traction, the grade jumps to Excellent, leading the editors to call snow performance "impressive." Those findings are buttressed by the editors at TireRack.com, who after testing say that "The General AltiMAX RT43 provided impressive grip in snow and on the wet track, paired with a pleasant ride and satisfying handling." The grand touring versions (H- and V-speed rated) of this tire aren't nearly as good a winter performer, and have a shorter treadwear warranty, but also review well, especially at TireRack.com, where, after testing, the editors say that the RT43 is "More than just a good value, a good tire." User reviews put versions of the tire in fourth place in both the standard touring and grand touring categories at TireRack.com -- a terrific finish for tires in this price range.


A little noisy. Road comfort isn't a highlight, but it's not really much of a shortcoming either. The editors at TireRack.com note that the grand touring version "Creates some tread growl and has the firmest ride" among similar tires in a four tire test, yet still say that the tire "provides a quiet and comfortable ride." In testing the T-speed rated (standard touring) version, they detect "a faint rumble from the tread," and note "very large impacts" deliver some harshness, but still consider the ride to be "pleasant." In the site's large user surveys, all versions score well in comfort performance, with the T-speed version having the slightest of edges.


Excellent tread warranty. The T-speed version of the General AltiMax RT43 includes a six-year, 75,000-mile warranty on tread life, which is excellent for this category and price point. ConsumerReports.org rates treadlife a little lower, at 65,000 miles (still very good), but calls the warranty "plausible." The grand touring versions do have a shorter mileage warranty, however, but it's still above average at 65,000 miles. 

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