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By: Kelly Burgess on November 16, 2017

Editor's note:
Breville and Panasonic are still tops in this toaster oven report. Fast, accurate and easy to use, these ovens will light up your kitchen, without lightening your wallet too much. Even better: we found toaster ovens in a wide range of sizes, from a small oven that's perfect for one or two, to one that's large enough to replace your "real" oven.

Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven Review
Best Reviewed
Specs that Matter No. of racks - 2 Timer - 2 hours Size (w,d,h) - 17" x 15" x 10"

Best toaster oven

If you just need a basic (meaning no convection feature) toaster oven, the 1,800 watt Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven is the one we recommend. It's a consistent and reliable performer from a manufacturer with a good reputation. The BOV650XL is a mid-sized oven, so, while it might not make dinner for a crowd, it can certainly handle dinner for four. It has a wide variety of cooking and toasting settings, including eight presets that require nothing more than pushing a button. It even remembers personal preferences and has an automatic shutoff feature. See our full review »

Buy for $179.95
Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven Review
Best Reviewed
Specs that Matter No. of racks - 1 Timer - 25 mins. Size (w,d,h) - 13" x 12" x 10.25"

Best compact toaster oven

The Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress won't take up much space on your counter, but its cool, space-age design will look good in your kitchen. That small footprint means a smaller capacity, though, which makes it best for making snacks or dinner for two. Panasonic's infrared heating technology means this oven doesn't need preheating and it cooks more quickly than traditional toaster ovens. It also browns toast beautifully, a task that many toaster ovens struggle with. The Flash Xpress has some nice features; including an alert when the food is done and an automatic shutoff. See our full review »

Buy for $97.86
Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven Review
Best Reviewed
Specs that Matter No. of racks - 2 Timer - 2 hours Size (w,d,h) - 19" x 16" x 11"

Best convection toaster oven

There aren't too many toaster ovens that can practically replace a regular, full-size oven, but the 1,800 watt Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven is one. Many people buy it because they long for a convection feature, but don't want to shell out the big bucks to replace their range. It has a good variety of cook settings, and, in testing, it toasts, roasts and bakes evenly. It's also easy to use and clean. Of course, it's big, which is an advantage if you have a big family, but not if your counter space is limited. See our full review »

Buy for $248.80
Also Consider
Specs that Matter No. of racks - 1 Timer - 90-mins. Size (w,d,h) - 14" x 16" x 12"

Cheap convection toaster oven

The Oster TSSTTVMNDG Digital Convection Toaster Oven offers true convection cooking at a price that's quite a bit less expensive that comparably-sized ovens. It's large enough to toast six slices of bread or cook a 4- to 5-pound chicken. In testing, it toasts evenly and bakes cakes as well as a full-sized oven. It's a bit slow, though, when broiling. One other caveat, the top can get pretty hot to the touch when it's cooking, so be careful if you have young children around and be sure you have plenty of clearance above it.

Buy for $64.84

Types of Toaster Ovens

Basic Toaster Ovens

These are comparable to full-sized, built-in ovens, but are meant to sit on a countertop. Many say they cook faster than a conventional oven because they preheat faster. The best toaster ovens will also have some sort of system to circulate the heat so food cooks evenly and consistently. These basic toaster ovens should be very easy to use, with intuitive controls and at least a few presets for cooking and baking.

Convection Toaster Ovens

A toaster oven with a convection feature can often replace your full-sized oven completely for people who don't have to cook for a crowd. They also cook food faster than regular toaster ovens or even conventional, full-sized ovens. They are highly versatile appliances that are very popular with cooks who want an oven with a convection features, but may not be able to afford to replace their large oven or range. Convection toaster ovens tend to be more expensive than basic toaster ovens, although you can find some very affordable models that get great reviews, as we did.

Toaster ovens are small, but mighty

You don't need a conventional oven to do all of your cooking; a toaster oven can handle the chore just as efficiently -- and sometimes faster. Toaster ovens are beloved by singles and couples, who appreciate having an oven that's more suited, space-wise, to their meal sizes, while people who live in warm climates like that they can cook a meal without heating up the house. The best models work so well that some people use them as their primary oven. Others use them as a second oven to help prepare large meals.

Toaster ovens come in sizes to fit any need. Small toaster ovens are great for grilling open-faced sandwiches and cooking single portions of food. Mid-sized toaster ovens can roast a small chicken, bake a batch of cookies, or cook a small, whole pizza. Large toaster ovens can accommodate a 12-inch pizza or roast a 4-pound chicken. Of course, all can make toast (how many slices at a time depends upon the oven) and bake potatoes as well as broil, reheat and defrost.

The best toaster ovens should come with at least a basic array of accessories -- baking pans, broiling trays, and racks, for example. Remember, most of your standard-sized baking and cooking pans and trays won't fit in a toaster oven. Although the accessories for toaster ovens are often hand wash only, the ovens themselves should be easy to clean, with removable crumb trays and non-stick, wipe-clean interiors.

Of course, if you only need to toast bread or bagels and don't think you'll ever use the oven feature, we suggest heading over to our report on toasters to see our recommendations -- those will save you money and counter space. If you're in the market for a full-sized oven, check out our reports on ranges and wall ovens.

Finding The Best Toaster Ovens
Our Sources
"Toaster Ovens"
"Toaster Ovens"
"The Best Toaster Oven"

There's a lot of consensus when it comes to toaster oven reviews. Certain brands and models within brands tend to rise above the pack, doing well in both expert tests and user reviews -- Breville being the best example of a manufacturer that dominates in this category. We analyzed professional tests performed by experts at Consumer Reports, Wirecutter, Top Ten Reviews, Cooks Illustrated and CNET.

We then matched those results and recommendations to long-term, real-world experiences posted at user-review sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and other popular retail destinations for appliances. The result of that research is our recommendations for the toaster ovens with the best combination of performance, features, ease of use and reliability.

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