Terk HDTVAZ Review

By: Carl Laron on December 01, 2017

Bottom Line

The Terk HDTVAZ combines a log-periodic UHF antenna, a rabbit ears VHF antenna and a 12-decibel integrated signal amplifier into an effective indoor antenna package. It's a great choice if you need a highly directional antenna, but may need lots of repositioning to get all channels.


  • Good range
  • UHF and VHF reception
  • Less susceptible to UHF multipath interference


  • Obtrusive
  • Top-heavy
  • May require repositioning for different channels
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down


Great performance, but some downsides. The reception range of the Terk HDTVAZ -- up to 45 miles -- is excellent for an indoor antenna. The log-periodic design used for UHF reception is highly directional and less prone to multipath interference from reflected signals, which causes ghosts when watching analog TV but can completely obliterate digital signals. However, that also means you may need to constantly reposition the antenna for best results if you get channels from transmitters located in different directions from your home. Like rabbit ears of old, the rabbit ears used for VHF reception might also need tweaking as you switch from channel to channel.


Hard to miss in a room. Many say the swept-back design of the antenna is relatively good-looking, but that's in the eye of the beholder, and the Terk HDTVAZ can't be as effectively hidden in a room as an antenna like the ClearStream Eclipse or the Channel Master Flatenna 35. It's also a bit top-heavy and prone to tipping over, which can be even more of a nuisance if you need to constantly fiddle with the Terk HDTVAZ to bring in signals coming from different headings.


Could be overkill for some. Although it's less expensive than some antennas -- including some that don't perform as well -- the Terk HDTVAZ is a little pricey. If you don't absolutely require a directional antenna, and live relatively close to the transmitters, an omnidirectional antenna like the $10 Channel Master Flatenna 35 (Est. $10), or even a basic rabbit ears and loop antenna like the RCA Indoor FM and HDTV Antenna ((Est. $9)), might be all that you need. But if you live in an area where multipath interference is an issue, the HDTVAZ may be your best choice.

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