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Best Gas Wall Ovens

By: Carl Laron on February 05, 2018

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Best gas wall oven

Frigidaire FFGW2425QS

The best gas wall ovens

Gas wall ovens used to be a staple in American kitchens, but are becoming a vanishing breed as kitchens get larger and people come to appreciate the greater temperature consistency in an electric oven. Gas ovens are usually 24 inches wide, to fit older homes, compared to the now-standard 30 inches of electric ovens. There are a few 30-inch gas ovens on the market, but they tend to get really terrible feedback, so we don't recommend any here. Also, there are no comparative professional reviews of gas ovens, so we relied heavily on user feedback to make our recommendations.

We saw the best feedback overall for the Frigidaire FFGW2425QS (Est. $1,700). Its capacity is 3.3 cubic feet, relatively generous for a 24-inch oven, and it has a nice array of features, too. Those include two heat levels for the broiler, a self-cleaning cycle that you can set for a delay start, electronic controls, and a bottom storage drawer -- something you rarely find on an electric wall oven. Two racks are included and there are five possible rack positions.

Owners say the Frigidaire FFGW2425QS is very consistent in its temperature setting and bakes and broils very well. People who bought it to replace an oven that was the original appliance in a 50-year old (or older) home are particularly pleased. Others purchased this as part of a kitchen remodel and opted to stay with gas rather than switch to electric, and are happy they did so. The stainless steel finish gets the most feedback, although it's also available in black as the Frigidaire FFGW2425QB (Est. $1,500) and white as the Frigidaire FFGW2425QW (Est. $1,500).

While the Frigidaire FFGW2425QS is simply appointed compared to today's modern electric ovens, most owners say it has all the basics you need to cook just about anything, although the largest Thanksgiving turkey might be a stretch. If you think that may be a problem for you, we suggest heading over to our separate report on deep fryers, and consider deep frying your turkey to free up your oven for side dishes. There, in addition to a traditional turkey deep fryer, we recommend an electric indoor turkey fryer, the Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer (Est. $130), if you don't want to stand out in the cold or mess with disposing of quarts of cooking oil.

The stainless steel GE JGRP20SENSS (Est. $1,700) is another gas wall oven to consider. It's ratings are a touch lower than the Frigidaire, but most owners say it works very well, and they're particularly pleased with the "modern looking" controls and stainless steel finish.

Of course, there are others who say the GE JGRP20SENSS is unreliable, inconsistent or noisy; complaining about the loud "whooshing" noise when the gas comes on. Others wish it were bigger, but, if all you have is a 24-inch space available, your oven capacity will be limited. The total capacity of this oven is 2.7 cubic feet.

This GE gas wall oven has a decent number of features, including electronic controls, a self-cleaning cycle, a storage drawer, two oven racks and four rack positions. In addition to stainless, it comes in black as the GE JGRP20BEJBB (Est. $1,500) and white as the GE JGRP20WEJWW (Est. $1,500).

Again, gas wall ovens are getting pretty rare. If you need to replace an existing 24-inch oven, you'll probably be happy with either of the above choices. If you're considering a remodel, you might want to think about switching from gas to electric; electric ovens are more consistent than gas and have a lot more features -- some are even compatible with your smart phone. You can read about single electric wall ovens and double electric wall ovens elsewhere in this report. If you're thinking of putting in a range instead, be sure to head over to our separate report on ranges, where we recommend single, double, gas, electric, dual-fuel and induction models.

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