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Wall Ovens: Expert and User Reviews

By: Carl Laron on February 05, 2018

Wall Ovens: Ratings of Sources

Editors of Consumer Reports, Not Dated

Consumer Reports includes ratings on its site for more than 35 single and double electric wall ovens. Each oven is rated on capacity, baking, broiling and self-cleaning features. Seven double electric wall ovens earn Recommended status; nine single wall ovens do as well, with two also named as Best Buys.

Editors of Reviewed, As of February 2018

Experts at Reviewed perform hands on testing of a variety of products, including wall ovens. There aren't a ton of current reviews here, but those that we spotted are thorough and provide detailed information about performance, reliability and features of ovens. Tested ovens are assigned a score of up to 10, and some perform well enough to earn Editors' Choice or Best of Year honors.

Editors of Digital Trends, As of February 2018

Digital Trends is a site that's better known for reviews of consumer electronics than of major appliances, but be that as it may, the site hosts a handful of wall oven reviews. Testing, including tests of cooking performance are hands on, though the bulk of the information focuses on appearance and features.

Contributors to Home Depot, As of February 2018

Home Depot has more than 130 wall ovens for sale. While many get only a handful of reviews, others get dozens and sometime hundreds, making the site a good destination for user feedback. One caveat is that the reviews hosted here include many that were written at manufacturer web sites, and hence might also be repeated at other retail websites.

Contributors to Sears, As of February 2018

Sears also allows consumers to post reviews of appliances and wall ovens. Sears is the primary distributor of Kenmore wall oven, and the best site to read user reviews of those. Wall ovens from many other manufacturers are also available, and many look to have ample reviews, but a closer examination reveal that many of those reviews were originally posted elsewhere as well.

Contributors to Lowe's, As of February 2018

As is the case at Home Depot and Sears, we found lots of wall ovens at Lowe's, and many seem to have lots of reviews. However, while some reviews written by Lowe's customers can also be found, most of the reviews are originally sourced from manufacturer web sites.

Contributors to Best Buy, As of February 2018

Best Buy breaks from the pack by only posting reviews written by its own customers. The downside is that most wall ovens get only a handful of reviews. Still, if you are looking for additional, unique user perspectives of a wall oven that you are considering, Best Buy is worth a look-see.

Editors of CNET, As of February 2018

CNET is a tough critic when it comes to kitchen appliances, which gives them a lot of credibility in their exhaustive reviews. Editors here focus mainly on high-end ovens with high-end features, such as "smart" features that allow you to sync your appliance with your smartphone via an app. Testing is thorough and well-documented, and the oven's performance is often graphed and compared to other ovens the editors have tested. However, only a handful of models are tested, and none in the last couple of years.

Contributors to Amazon, As of February 2018

Amazon is a great place to get feedback about a lot of different products. Unfortunately, wall ovens isn't among those. While a good assortment of wall ovens are listed, most get little if any feedback, and navigation is a pain as the category returns results for lots of unrelated products. On the plus side, Amazon doesn't borrow feedback from other sources, so any user reviews that you do find here will be unique to the site.

Editors of Yale Appliance Blog, As of February 2018

This is the blog of Yale Appliance, a Massachusetts-based appliance retailer. Here various writers review and compare appliances, including wall ovens. The focus is primarily on features and value, though comments about brand reliability can also be helpful. Though no testing is done, this commentary from an appliance retailer's point of view is worth a read.

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