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By: Kelly Burgess on January 25, 2018

Bottom Line

The GE GTW680BSJWS is a very well-featured washer for the price, with a plethora of presents as well as other settings that allow users to tweak each load as they desire. Washing performance is good and it's fast, too.


  • Very fast wash cycles
  • Good washing performance
  • Good water and energy efficiency
  • Small footprint; good capacity
  • Many wash settings and options


  • Noisy
Our Analysis

Breaking it down


A good, but maybe not heavy duty cleaner. Expert reviewers have mixed opinions of the cleaning performance of the GE GTW680BSJWS. Though Consumer Reports gives it just a Good rating for washing performance, Jonathan Chan at Reviewed says its performance was above average even when you didn't choose one of the specialized stain removal or deeper wash settings. The only lag was in oil stains, where it doesn't perform as well as washers with internal water heaters, but that also have correspondingly higher prices. Owners largely agree with Chan, saying this GE washing machine does a phenomenal job across the board. They also like its generous, 4.6 cubic feet capacity, large enough that you don't have to spend all day in the laundry room. This washer is also fast -- really, really fast. The normal cycle completes in 34 minutes, the Speed Wash cycle in 15 minutes. The one complaint we noted was regarding noise; while most owners say they don't even notice it, a notable number say it's very loud.


Great efficiency for a top loader. The GE GTW680BSJWS is a high-efficiency top loader, which means you need to use HE detergent for the best performance in clothes cleaning. As for water and energy efficiency, the GTW680BSJWS is a top performer. Chan estimates that based on national utility average rates, this washer will consume $42 a year in electricity and water, which he says is, "is one of the lowest we've measured from a top-load washer." It is Energy Star Certified.


Soak in the fabulous features. Experts and owners alike are blown away by the number of features the GE GTW680BSJWS has at this price point. What gets particular recognition from Chan is the warm rinse option, something largely discontinued in modern washers, but a boon for those with arthritis who may get an unpleasant cramp from cold, wet laundry. But wait, there's more, including a deep fill option for adding water if you don't think your clothes are being properly soaked; a deep rinse option for a more thorough rinse, and an auto soak feature. The GTW680BSJWS also boasts an impressive 14 preset laundry cycles, as well as five soil level selections and five stain settings.


Hard to beat even at a higher price point. The GE GTW680BSJWS easily matches the perks of virtually all top-load washing machines in its class -- and of some at a much higher price point. Although it may not be your best choice if you're a person who is really hard on your clothes -- say, a car mechanic or lumberjack -- or if your laundry is primarily made of delicate items, but it will be great for just about anyone else. The GE GTW680BSJWS also gets good scores for spinning out moisture remaining in your clothes, so you won't incur longer drying times and correspondingly higher energy costs when using a clothes dryer (which are covered in their own report).

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