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GE GeoSpring GEH50DFEJSR Review

By: Carl Laron on September 12, 2016

Bottom Line

If a gas water heater is not a practical consideration, the GE GeoSpring GEH50DFEJSR is an excellent alternative. While electricity is typically costlier than natural gas, this GE hybrid electric hot water heater uses heat pump technology to squeeze that usage down to a relative trickle. The 50 gallon tank can supply ample hot water for families of up to four people.


  • Excellent energy efficiency; Energy Star Qualified
  • 50-gallon capacity
  • Digital controls; optional Wi-Fi
  • Good warranty


  • More expensive than conventional electric water heaters
Our Analysis

Breaking it down


More hot water, less electricity. The GE GeoSpring GEH50DFEJSR is one of a new breed of electric water heaters that have turned to heat pump technology (think of an air conditioner or refrigerator, only working in reverse) to produce plenty of hot water without guzzling kilowatts of energy. Using a hybrid design, the GEH50DFEJSR also uses standard heating elements to heat water during periods of high demand, or when air temperatures get too warm or too cold for the heat pump to work at peak effectiveness. Users can set operating modes to meet their needs, or let the GEH50DEEDSR operate in its default (hybrid) mode to automatically balance water needs and energy usage. The digital controls and display are easy to use, and control via a smartphone app is possible via an optional module, the GE PBX10W00Y0 Connect Plus (Est. $65).


It's an energy efficiency star. Conventional electric heaters are simply too inefficient to earn Energy Star status. Not so the GE GeoSpring GEH50DFEJSR. It's Energy Star Qualified and has a peak Energy Factor of 3.25. That means, experts say, that the GE GeoSpring GEH50DFEJSR can save a family of four up to $330 per year in energy costs. However, efficiency can be negatively impacted if you choose to set the water heater to rely more heavily on the standard heating elements to provide a boost in hot water output.

Reliability and warranty

Great feedback, long warranty. The GE GeoSpring GEH50DFEJSR, first released in 2015, has amassed a good track record thus far. At Lowes.com, we spotted nearly 750 reviews, and this hybrid hot water heater earns a score of 4.5 stars, with recommendations from 90 percent of owners. The 10-year warranty for parts (1 year for labor) is relatively long,

Our Sources

Contributors to Lowes.com, As of September 2016

Though the GE GeoSpring GEH50DFEJSR has nearly 750 reviews at Lowes.com, including many that were originally posted at the GE web site. Satisfaction looks excellent. It earns a 4.5-star rating, with 90 percent recommending it.

Contributors to GEAppliances.com, As of September 2016

While many of the reviews here can also be seen at Lowes.com, the main retailer for the GE GeoSpring GEH50DFEJSR, some additional feedback can be found at the manufacturer's site as well. Overall, this hybrid electric hot water heater earns a score of 4.7 stars, based on 810 reviews.

Editors of FurnaceCompare.com, Mar. 25, 2016

FurnaceCompare.com is an independent site where consumers can post reviews of heating and cooling products that they have purchased. GE GeoSpring hybrid hot water heaters capture the number two spot on this list of the top water heaters for 2016 based on user feedback. The 50-gallon and 80-gallon versions earn a composite score of 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Editors of EnergyStar.gov, Not Dated

This brief article outlines the energy savings that Energy Star Qualified heat pump/hybrid electric hot water heaters can provide, based on household size. As an example, a family of four could expect that the annual electricity savings will pay back the higher initial cost (compared to a conventional electric water heater) in as little as 2.4 years.

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