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Whirlpool 50T12-40DNG Review

By: Carl Laron on September 12, 2016

Bottom Line

The Whirlpool 50T12-40DNG 50-gallon hot water heater is ideal for families of up to five members. It meets all of the current energy efficiency requirements and is Energy Star Qualified. The 50T12-40DNG ‘s advanced technology includes a self-diagnostic gas control with an LED that indicates its status and a burner that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 33 percent. Expert feedback on Whirlpool gas heaters, and owner feedback on this model, are both stellar.


  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Environmentally friendly features
  • Very long warranty
  • Sufficient capacity for families up to five


  • A little pricey
Our Analysis

Breaking it down


Hot water for five. The Whirlpool 50T12-40DNG is rated to provide up enough hot water to meet the needs of moderately sized families. The controls are easy to use, and technological features include self-diagnostics (with a status indicator) to keep an eye on the gas valve and thermostat. The low nitrogen-oxide (LNOx) burner doesn't meet the strictest standards in place in some parts of California, but still reduces emissions by a third. For those who live at higher elevations, the gas water heater is certified for installation up to 10,100 feet. The electronic ignition does away with the need for a pilot light, improving safety and cutting gas use. User reviews are highly positive, and owners largely agree that the 50T12-40DNG delivers every bit of the hot water it promises.


Easy on the gas. This 50-gallon gas hot water heater comes up aces in the efficiency category. Though the Whirlpool 50T12-40DNG has been on the market for several years, it still beats the current NACEA regulations, enacted in 2015, that increased the minimum efficiency rating that a water heater must have to be sold in the U.S. The Whirlpool 50T12-40DNG is also Energy Star Qualified, putting it among the most efficient standard storage tank gas heaters on the market.

Reliability and warranty

Exceptionally strong coverage. This Whirlpool hot water heater is covered by one of the better warranties we spotted -- 12 years on parts, and three years on labor. While you'll find some lemons with any product, the 50T12-40DNG enjoys a fairly strong track record that's been built up over several years. Most owners are very pleased, and we didn't spot any pattern of complaints that might indicate a potential sore spot.

Our Sources

Contributors to Lowes.com, As of September 2016

Nearly 320 owners have commented on the Whirlpool 50T12-40DNG at Lowes.com, though those reviews also include a number originally posted at the manufacturer's web site. Regardless, feedback is near stellar. It earns a score of 4.5 stars, with 95 percent of owners saying that they would recommend this gas water heater to a friend.

Contributors to WhirlpoolWaterHeaters.com, As of September 2016

This is the manufacturer's home page for Whirlpool Water Heaters, which are made by American Water Heater. While many of the reviews here can also be seen at Lowes.com, some additional feedback can be found. Here, the Whirlpool 50T12-40DNG earns a score of 4.6 stars based on about 485 reviews.

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