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Bryan Kest's Power Yoga Review

Bottom Line

Students who want an intense workout may find "Bryan Kest's Power Yoga" to be a great fit. The three-level program lets users progress to more difficult moves as they sharpen their skills. Kest earns praise for modifying poses and keeping students focused on their breathing. The program also provides a strong blend of moves to promote strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. But many say the DVD has become dated, while others say they find Kest overly talkative.



  • Vigorous, challenging workout
  • Three progressive workouts
  • Program includes modifications


  • Dated production
  • Overly chatty instructor
  • Not suitable for beginners
Our Analysis
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DVD is showing its age. Reviewers like the variety that "Bryan Kest's Power Yoga" provides. Ashtanga-inspired power yoga is an athletic and vigorous style that benefits athletes or anyone looking for an intense workout, and users say Kest is adept at blending moves that focus on strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. But some say the dated production is distracting: Originally produced in 1995, it includes several fitness models in matching uniforms performing moves in a brick loft-style setting. Music draws mixed reviews, too -- Kest uses thumping beats that one reviewer says is like "music from a bad '80s action movie."

Ease of use

Three workout levels let users progress. "Bryan Kest's Power Yoga" includes three 50-minute sessions designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced yogis. Reviewers like that they can progress to a new level as their skills improve, but they say the beginning-level workout is still too intense for most students who are out of shape or new to yoga. For those who are up to the challenge but still building their skills, Kest demonstrates modifications for most poses. However, some say his verbal cues can be easy to miss. No special equipment is required to follow along, which reviewers appreciate.

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