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Bottom Line

If you're a yoga addict who wants an affordable way to try as many classes as possible, reviewers say YogaGlo is for you. For $18 a month, you'll receive access to thousands of classes, and several more are added every week. YogaGlo users also love the site's detailed search function, knowledgeable instructors and minimalist interface. But they warn the sheer number of classes and styles may overwhelm those who want an easy introduction to yoga.



  • Wide variety of classes, styles, special sessions
  • Search function is very detailed
  • Knowledgeable instructors
  • Five difficulty levels


  • May overwhelm beginners
  • Few instructors
Our Analysis


Service offers a staggering number of classes. YogaGlo boasts more than 2,350 classes as of April 2014. All are recorded in its minimalist, white-walled studio in Santa Monica, California. One cameraperson zooms in and out as needed. A few reviewers say that production quality isn't on par with some other sites and videos, but they like that it's easy to focus on yoga. All videos are available in high-definition. The site publishes a calendar of classes, making it easier for students to join in person if they're nearby. YogaGlo offers classes in every major style of yoga and has specialized sessions for women, cyclists and yoga teachers. There is a free 15-day trial, and then access is $18 each month.

Ease of use

Very detailed search function helps users find exactly what they need. YogaGlo has a clean, streamlined interface and a detailed search function. Users can search using a wide range of criteria, including class duration, difficulty level, instructor and yoga style. They can further refine results by specifying a specific body part to work or "specific use" for the class -- examples include breathing, stress reduction and travel yoga. While most reviewers love this, they note that the sheer number of options may overwhelm beginners. Workouts range from 5 to 120 minutes. YogaGlo labels each class with one of five difficulty levels and has a viewing app for iPads and iPhones that lets students store classes for offline viewing.

Our Sources

Laura Moser, July 18, 2013

Laura Moser calls YogaGlo "best for exploring" compared to other yoga sites, praising its "staggering" collection of classes that can be easily matched to skill level, mood and preferred focus. She also praises all the niche offerings and quality instruction, but says the production quality can be poor.

"Lauren", Oct. 19, 2012

This blogger picks YogaGlo in a thorough comparison with a competing site, praising the clean interface and detailed search feature. She also likes the ability to get to know instructors by taking lots of their classes. But the site is pricier and lacks bonus content, she says.

Ann Pizer, June 12, 2013

YogaGlo boasts several "excellent" well-known teachers, Ann Pizer says. Pizer,'s guide to yoga, also lauds the site's variety and intuitive organization, saying "It's the next best thing to taking a live class." A full review goes more in-depth, but notes few cons.

Ann Pizer, Feb. 27, 2013

In this roundup Ann Pizer praises YogaGlo as the best online yoga for its breadth and quality. A full review says the site can't "replicate a real, live yoga class," but that it's still a viable alternative.

Lisa Agostoni, March 2, 2013

Agostoni picks YogaGlo as her favorite online yoga site after trying it and five competitors. She says the site is "straightforward, easy and uncomplicated" and praises the variety, teachers, site navigation and top-notch ability to filter results. She wishes the site had more big-name teachers, however.

"Serena", June 14, 2013

This review praises YogaGlo for its broad range of styles, sweat-inducing workouts and classes with well-known instructors. She says the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming, though, and warns that practicing at home can be distracting.

Ally Garner, Oct. 29, 2013

This roundup notes that YogaGlo's variety and special sessions make it easy to track down just the right yoga class. The short blurb does not go into more detail.

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