10 Double Strollers to Tote Your Children in Comfort

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When planning a day out with your children, a double stroller is a must-have addition to your outing. Your children will have a place to rest, and the stroller’s storage area is convenient for stowing your personal items and shopping bags. It’s important to select a double stroller that suits your family’s needs and is comfortable for your kids to ride in. Check out some of the best double strollers to take on your next child-friendly excursion.

Best Overall: Contours Options Elite Double Stroller

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The Contours Options Elite double stroller offers seven unique seating configurations that enable you to use it with two infants, an infant and a toddler, or two toddlers. Parents love that this versatile stroller has ample legroom for older children. They also rave about the size of the carriage basket; it’s spacious enough to hold everything you need for an adventure.

Best Value: Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller

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The Baby Trend sit and stand double stroller grows with your family. Fans of this stroller love that it has the option for two full-size seats or one full-size seat and a jump seat and standing platform. They find that their older kids love the jump seat and standing platform as it makes it easy for them to hop on and off the stroller.

Best Double Stroller Travel System: Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System with SafeMax Infant Car Seat

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If you need a double stroller that comes with an infant car seat, check out the Evenflo Pivot Xpand modular travel system. This stroller comes with a Safemax infant car seat. Users of this stroller like that you can change the stroller from a single to a double stroller without separate accessories or tools. They also adore the parent-facing configuration option that makes it easy to soothe overstimulated children.

Best Lightweight Double Stroller: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

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Don’t let your double stroller weigh you down. Instead, take the Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight double stroller for a spin. Parents prefer this stroller because it only adds 23 pounds of stroller weight. When they’re already pushing 50 or more pounds of children, every pound counts. They also find the parent drink holders and snack trays are ideal for enjoying a treat while on the go.

Best Side-by-Side Double Stroller: Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

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Keep your children comfortable on even the longest days with the Joovy Scooter X2 double stroller. This is a popular choice with parents who need a stroller their children will be able to relax in fully. Parents appreciate that the seats independently recline up to 149 degrees. A large attached canopy ensures your children have plenty of shade on hot sunny days for optimal sun protection.

Best Double Jogging Stroller: Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller

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Navigate rocky terrain and rough trails with ease with the Baby Trend Expedition double jogger. Parents find that this budget-friendly jogging stroller (priced between $175 and $200) performs just as well as options that are double in price. Users of this stroller report it maneuvers effortlessly over any terrain with ease, including rocks, dirt, and grass.

Best Double Umbrella Stroller: Delta Children City Street Side-by-Side Stroller

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Make sure you always have a stroller on-hand with the Delta Children City Street side-by-side stroller . This lightweight double umbrella stroller is a hit with parents who have small vehicles; thanks to the compact size, it fits in the trunk or backseat of your vehicle easily. Parents report that the attached hanging storage bags are the ideal spot for stowing a few extra diapers or snacks.

Best Car Seat Stroller: Joovy Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller

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It’s easier to leave infants in their car seats vs. transferring them from the car seat to a stroller. With the Joovy Twin Roo+ car seat stroller, you can click two car seats into the stroller’s frame. Users prefer this option because it’s lightweight and compatible with nearly every major car seat brand. They also find the four cup holders handy for holding bottles and beverages.

Best Stand-on Stroller: Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller

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The Joovy Caboose Graphite stand-on tandem stroller has stellar reviews from parents who love its small footprint. It takes up the same amount of space as a single stroller. This makes it easy to use the stroller when you’re shopping, running errands, or enjoying a day out with the family. Users also like having the option to unlock the wheels so that the stroller steers more easily.

Best Stroller Wagon: Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

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The distinct design of the Evenflo Pivot Xplore all-terrain double stroller wagon allows you to push it like a stroller or pull it like a wagon. This is a hit with parents who need a double stroller with a high weight limit; each seat accommodates a child up to 55 pounds, and the overall max for the stroller wagon, including cargo, is 120 pounds.

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