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My Quest for a Mopping Robot

I bought myself an early Christmas present: A mopping robot. I have three cats and a fairly large kitchen/dining room space that I have to mop nearly every day, which is time-consuming. After reading an article about how buying yourself time can be a key to happiness, I decided that I'd try to replace my half-hour or so of daily mopping with a bot. Especially since finding a new excuse to buy a new cleaning (or kitchen) gadget is what really makes me happy.

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If you want to have hot tea waiting when you crawl out of bed, the Breville BTM800XL tea machine is still king of the hill.

For this year's update, the Brookstone Connoisseur's Compact Wine Opener is our top recommendation for wine lovers who prefer a lever-style opener.

Cuisinart and Breville are still outstanding choices in food processors no matter what capacity you need; while Hamilton Beach is a great budget pick.