These Indoor Activities for Children Can Keep Your Little Ones Busy

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Want to eliminate boredom or excessive screen time while the kids are indoors? Pick out one or more of these best indoor activities for children. They’re all under $100 — many are under $50 — and you’ll find something for any age and interest, whether your kids are budding athletes, scientists or artists. Plus, these products have all earned great reviews from kids and parents across the United States, so you know they’ll work well for your family, too.

Best Overall: Hide N Side Kids Ball Pit Tents and Tunnels

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Recommended for kids ages 1 to 6 years old, the Hide N Side Kids Ball Pit Tents and Tunnels is big and entertaining. You’ll need plenty of floor space for this, but you’ll find that it folds up into much smaller dimensions so it’s easy to store. This playset includes tunnels, a ball pit, a basketball goal, velcro darts and other engaging accessories, so it’s sure to encourage physical activity and creative play. Buyers say their kids loved it, and they appreciate how easy it is to set up and fold down. They also report that it’s quite durable.

Best Value: Sunany LCD Writing Tablet

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Imagine keeping your kids from getting bored with a product that won’t break the bank. According to parents who’ve purchased it, the Sunany LCD Writing Tablet will do just that. For around $15, your kids can write and draw on this LCD tablet and erase it all with the touch of a button. It’s great to use while the kids are playing at home, homeschooling or taking long car rides, and it offers eye protection if you’re worried about your child’s screen time. Parents who’ve purchased it love that it’s easy to use, that it’s lightweight and that it’s a great tool for teaching kids how to write.

Best for Active Kids: Let Loose Moose Hover Soccer Ball

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You may have rules against playing ball in the house, but if your kids get a Let Loose Moose Hover Soccer Ball, you can toss that rule right out the window. Available in sets of two, these hover soccer balls allow your kids to get active inside without breaking windows or tearing up the furniture. These toys hover near the ground, and the foam cushioning prevents them from tearing up whatever they might come into contact with. Parents who have purchased the balls say kids of all ages love these, and even the parents themselves like to give the toys a spin. They also say they’re great for keeping kids active on rainy days.

Best Board Game: ThinkFun Zingo Bingo

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If your kids don’t have ThinkFun Zingo Bingo on their game shelves, it’s time to buy it. Best for ages 4 to 10, this highly rated game helps kids build their language and matching skills all while having fun. The game has won several awards, but it’s also earned high ratings from parents and kids alike. It’s played like bingo but uses pictures and common words instead of letters and numbers. Parents love that it’s both educational and easy to understand.

Best Activity for the Whole Family: GoSports Bullseye Bounce & Tri Toss Cornhole Toss Game

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The GoSports Bullseye Bounce & Tri Toss Cornhole Toss Game is perfect for families who love cornhole but want a kid-friendly version of it. It comes with a lightweight target, travel bag and eight bean bags, and it can be set up for three different games, some of which even teach a few math and educational skills. It’s the perfect indoor activity because the soft, lightweight bean bags aren’t going to break a window, but you can play it outdoors too. Moms and dads will probably even want to get in on the fun. Parents who have purchased it say it’s easy to put together, durable and a great way to practice adding and subtracting without making it feel like schoolwork.

Best STEM Activity: WhizBuilders Translucent Marble Maze Race

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The WhizBuilders Translucent Marble Maze Race is fun, but it’s also a great tool for teaching motor skills, technology, engineering, creativity and spatial awareness. In other words, your kids will never realize they’re learning while they play with this 90-piece set. Kids ages 4 and up can use this kit to assemble a variety of different marble tracks — using the pieces and their own imaginations or by following guidance from the book that comes with the set. Parents who’ve bought it say it’s easy for even young kids to put together. They also note that it’s made well and is a must if you’re looking for something that provides hours of entertainment indoors.

Best for Kids of All Ages: Liberry Kids Bowling Set

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There’s no age limit for loving bowling, and while you may not be able to head to your favorite bowling alley, you can bring the lanes to your home for now with the Liberry Kids Bowling Set. The set comes with 10 pins and two balls made from durable plastic, and it provides your kids with a way to get some physical activity indoors. It’s recommended for ages 1 to 15, so your toddlers and your teens can play together. Parents who own the set say it’s easy to set up, even on most carpeting, and it’s lightweight enough for little kids to play with comfortably.

Best for Babies and Toddlers: Hide N Side Kids Play Tunnels

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If you’re looking for something exclusively for babies and toddlers, check out the Hide N Side Kids Play Tunnels. This set of high-quality polyester tunnels is perfect for little ones ages 1 to 4 who like to explore and crawl. Dogs and cats even like it, so don’t be surprised if you spot your furry family members inside. Parents say the tunnels are colorful, well-made and quite easy to set up and fold down for storage. This is also a great toy for helping your youngest children burn some energy.

Best for Big Kids: SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

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If you have big kids and teens, don’t worry. You’re covered with the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop. Your kids may not be able to get to the park, but they can shoot hoops inside with this option that fits over a standard door frame. Moms and dads may like it too. The rim is 9 inches in diameter, and the ball is 5 inches. The backboard is shatterproof, and foam padding on the door mounts prevents it from scratching your door’s paint. Those who have purchased it say it’s made well, easy to set up and as close to the real thing as you can get — at least inside your own house.

Best for Little Artists: Made By Me Create Your Own Sand Art

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If you have a young artist on your hands or a child who wants a tactile, creative outlet, consider the Made By Me Create Your Own Sand Art kit. Using this kit, kids can tap their imaginations to come up with different sand patterns to put into bottles and pendants. They can make gifts for friends and grandparents or cool items for themselves. Parents who have purchased this kit say it’s a great way to spend a rainy day and that their teens loved it, too.

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