Gift Guide: Level Up With These Perfect Gifts for the Nintendo Nerd in Your Life

Gift Guide: Level Up With These Perfect Gifts for the Nintendo Nerd in Your Life

By Rosunnara Roth
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Serious gamers fall in love with specific brands, and many Nintendo megafans have been obsessed since day one (in 1983). This childhood craze just keeps drawing in new fans of all ages, thanks in part to brand-new games and cool collector’s items. If you know someone who eats, sleeps and breathes Nintendo, you can easily ignite their excitement with a gift, whether it’s from the universe of Super Mario, Pokémon or Animal Crossing. Here’s to one-upping your friendship!

The Gift of Light: For Super Mario Lovers to Liven Up Their Rooms

In the Super Mario universe, the Piranha Plant is known to hide within pipes and pop out to gobble up whoever comes near it. Fortunately, your Nintendo fan can hang with the sharp-toothed carnivore IRL without anyone getting hurt. This Super Mario Piranha Plant Posable Light is sure to turn heads — more than just its own.

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Powered by a USB cable, this lamp features a bright white LED bulb and a bendable neck to brighten any dark corner. If your recipient is concerned about the environment, they’ll be happy to know that the lamp is made of eco-friendly plastic. This fun gift will light up both their room and their Nintendo-loving heart.

Powerful Amiibos for Some Game-Time Magic

To a non-Nintendo fan, an amiibo looks like a standard toy figurine. However, Nintendo fans know better than anyone how valuable and entertaining these "toy-to-life" characters are. If your buddy owns a New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 3DS XL, Wii U or Nintendo Switch, surprise them with one or two of these familiar faces.

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There are many different figurines to gift, from Animal Crossing’s Isabelle and the Pokémon Ivysaur to the Metroid series’ Dark Samus. When your friend taps the figure on their console, it will come to life in the game. Some of the characters have access to special powers. Pro Tip: The next time you all play Super Smash Bros., watch an amiibo get its game on.

Animal Crossing Clothes That Win Cute Points

If you know someone who spends all day and night playing Animal Crossing, they might as well dress the part. There are a bunch of tops they can strut around in to let everyone know just how much they love playing the game, including the comfy Nook Family Crew Sweatshirt. It’ll be perfect for those chilly days ahead.

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When they just aren’t in the mood to put down the Switch controller a fan can don a super-soft Sorry I Can't T-shirt to show how serious they are about the game’s chores — even if they’re not so keen on real-life ones. Plus, it explains why they’ve been MIA for so long. For a better visual of their new gardening lifestyle, consider the Green Thumb T-Shirt.


A Unique Alarm Clock to Console Them in the Morning

Does your Nintendo nerd loathe getting up in the morning or have an annoying alarm clock? If so, there’s a better way to wake up at sunrise: this stylish Game Boy alarm clock.

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It’s pretty close to the real thing, from its size to the shape of the buttons. Also, setting the alarm is super easy; just press the buttons to adjust the time. With this gift, your friend will hear the official Super Mario Land theme tune every morning. What could get them more pumped for the day ahead than that dose of pure nostalgia right in the alarm?

Comfy Headphones to Escape to a World of Color

If you’re ready to drop some serious dollars, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Gaming Headset would be the perfect gift to splurge on. It boasts surround sound to enhance your friend’s gaming experience, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they never want to take these off.

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When it comes to the fit, this device provides the utmost comfort thanks to the soft ear cushions and breathable fabric. On top of that, the headset is light, so your friend’s head and neck won’t feel pain or tension. All of this means they’ll keep playing for hours!

A Super Mario Collector's Edition Game That’s Not Just for Looking

Just like many video games, even good old chess can get extremely intense. Thankfully, there’s a way to ease the pressure. If your recipient enjoys the art of chess as well as Nintendo, they’ll fall in love with the Super Mario Chess Collector's Edition Board Game.

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This party game includes classic characters, like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Toad, and all of those classic in-game items, like shells and coins. (We can just hear the "coin sound" looping in our heads.) Plus, it’s a game you two can play together. Who will win the Mushroom Kingdom and perform that Super Mario cheer?


An Umbrella That’s Out of This World

It’s raining, it’s pouring, your dear old friend is soaking. Before you get ahead of yourself, remember that you can’t just get any umbrella to protect them from the wet weather; you have to find one that’ll express their obsession and brighten a stormy day. Enter The Legend of Zelda Master Sword Umbrella.

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This Zelda-inspired umbrella resembles the mighty Master Sword, from the replica handle to the sheath. While it’s open, your friend can see several symbols from the franchise, including the iconic Triforce. When it’s closed and covered, it can be carried using the shoulder strap. This umbrella is ready to help your friend save the day and defeat the rain.

A Pokémon Funko Pop to Catch ‘Em All

It’s undeniable: Pokémon are so cute. Could they even get any more adorable? Actually, yes. Just take a look at these really sweet Funko Pops that are larger than other figurines. Fortunately, there are so many you can choose from in your quest to "catch ‘em all."

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You can gift an Eevee or make it double with a Squirtle. If your friend is a Vulpix fan, there’s a Funko Pop for them too. With this gift, your pal will become a Pokémon master (the best there ever was!) in no time.