“How to Make Slime” & 6 More Rainy Day Science Activities for Kids

Photo Courtesy: Image by Marilyn Nieves/E+/Getty Images

Do you live with the next future Einstein? Whether your child is a budding genius or just a science geek fascinated by cool stuff, you can’t go wrong with fun activities at home that focus on science. You may think of science kits as nothing but cool toys, which is why you'll love them even more when you realize how educational they actually are for your kids.

A lot of education is taking place at home these days, so we searched out some of the best activities that are great entertainment for school days and rainy days alike — all while providing helpful boosts to your child's education and development. You may even find yourself reliving some of your own favorite childhood memories as you construct volcanos, grow crystals and tackle next-generation LEGO sets capable of evolving into some pretty cool machines.

So, whether you're stuck inside during a future quarantine (we certainly hope not) or you’re looking for awesome holiday gifts that your kids are sure to love, start with this list of fascinating possibilities. Who knows? You may even learn some cool new scientific facts yourself as you guide them through these fun experiments. Check out our top picks for toys and kits that will encourage your kids to learn and grow — whether they want to or not.