No Odor-Elimination Products Compare to Angry Orange's Top-Rated Enzyme Cleaner

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Pets are such a joy to have around the house — but it’s hard to say the same thing about their bathroom messes. Do you have a pet who’s still potty training or who has accidents that leave unpleasant odors in your home? If so, it’s important to keep your floors and carpets extra clean to avoid the spread of bacteria. You’ll also want to keep these surfaces spotless to prevent pets from becoming tempted to soil them again.

However, regular cleaning products don’t always cut it when it comes to completely removing scents and stains left behind from pet waste. Instead, you’ll need an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate everything. One of the best for getting the job done? This biohazard-busting enzymatic cleaning spray from Angry Orange.

A Sweet Scent and Some Serious Science Combine for Cleaning Power

With more than 4,500 reviews and a nearly five-star satisfaction rating, Angry Orange’s Enzyme Stain Cleaner & Pet Odor Eliminator is one of the most popular enzyme stain cleaners around — and for a good reason. It’s able to tackle stubborn stains and unsavory smells that your pets leave behind after getting sick or having accidents. It can handle anything from potty stains to vomit residue thanks to its enzyme-based cleaning process.

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So, just how do enzyme cleaners work? Enzymes are pet- and people-safe proteins that create chemical reactions. In this case, that reaction involves breaking down complex waste particles so that they’re no longer harmful or active. The enzymes in Angry Orange’s spray begin working upon first contact with your soiled surfaces and continue doing the job for up to 80 hours afterward. Essentially, the enzymes help break down biological substances and do a deep clean, making sure nothing is left behind — a task that’s sometimes difficult to tackle correctly.

Many powerful cleaners leave behind unpleasant chemical scents, but not this one. Angry Orange’s spray boasts — you guessed it — a light citrus scent that’s safe for pets, kids and everyone else in your household. You can use this enzyme cleaner on any surface, too, including carpets, furniture, pillows and even outdoor decking; just avoid spraying it directly onto your furry friends.

Don't just take our word for it. User Nelio loved the product, remarking in their review, "All I can say is that I’ve used all sorts of cleaners and machines for carpet/rugs, and this is the first thing I’ve used that works. I literally put my nose in the carpet afterwards and can’t smell urine or other bad odors."

Customer Jill Keller also offered this positive review: "This stuff seriously saved my home… No one wanted to come over because of the smell. It gave us headaches. I loved everything about my new home but this one overwhelming part. I grabbed a UV light and found that the cat had gone EVERYWHERE. The walls were lined. There were pee paw prints. Every stair had pee at the walls above the carpet. I had used Angry Orange in the past and liked the smell so I figured it might help a bit until we could figure something else out. I sprayed every single place I found twice… Reader, it worked! Even better than I imagined. It erased ALL the smell."