30 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts to Bring to Your Next Summer Party

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Summer is a great time to get together for pool parties and cookouts with friends. When you come to someone’s house, it’s a polite gesture to bring a small gift as a token of your appreciation.

Flowers, prepared food and flowers are all great options, but what if you want to gift something more unique? We’ve combed through Amazon to find 30 hostess gifts that are sure to be a hit.

For the Great Snack Spread

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This is perfect for entertainers who love serving small bites but long for more counter space. The Godinger Dublin 3-tier server allows you to serve the right amount of snacks while not sacrificing too much room. Eliminate clutter with these stackable crystal trays.

The trays are also easy to clean as they can be removed and individually hand washed. The set is perfect for tea cakes, fruit, vegetable platters and any other easy party snack or finger food. Its timeless look and great quality ensures it will get plenty of use for years to come.

For Fun Drinks

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This convenient lead-free crystal punch bowl with cups is a great way to simplify a party’s drink station. For the host who loves to experiment with new drink recipes, make sure all that hard work is showcased.

This 18-piece set has matching cups that hang from the bowl as well as a ladle. It is truly a “one stop shop” for creative drinks that will keep the party going for hours. It’s also versatile and can be used as a salad bowl or to hold desserts.

For Wine and Cheese

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Cheese is always a big hit at a party, and this elegant round cheese board with knives set makes it easy for guests to select their favorite snack in style. There are also containers for different snacks to pair with your cheeses for a more sophisticated tasting experience.

This kit is every wine and cheese party’s dream come true: plenty of slots inside for storage, little signs to label cheeses and different styles of knives to cut cheeses of various textures and levels of softness. It’s made of sturdy and beautiful Acacia wood and is built to last for years of fun wine and cheese socials.

For the After Party

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This whiskey decanter globe set is a perfect display that also functions as an instant party for two. This hand blown globe is decorated with a frosted glass map of the world that’s supported on a gorgeous mahogany stand and tray.

There are indents in the tray for two matching globe-designed glasses. This set is perfect for the host who needs an added element of class in the office or library. Or, it can be a stylish element for the living room. Wherever it goes, it will certainly be a conversation starter and something guests will admire.

For the Salad Pro

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This beautiful bamboo wood salad bowl set makes serving healthy, fresh salads a snap. Bamboo is also a quick-growing, sustainable material that is strong, durable and can last for years with proper care.

Bamboo has become a popular wood alternative because it is water resistant and doesn’t scratch or dent easily. This kit includes a large bamboo bowl with four matching smaller salad bowls and two serving utensils. Every great meal needs a proper side of salad, meaning this addition can’t be missed!

For Easy Food Prep

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This EZ salad cutting bowl makes food prep easy. The handy kitchen gadget functions as both a strainer and slicer, making food prep both clean and convenient. In addition, when in a pinch, this product can also be used as a salad bowl.

Dubbed the “60 second salad maker”, it can cut cooked chicken, lettuce and vegetables in seconds. Keeping all of the vegetables in one place is a breeze with this handy meal prep contraption.

For the Time-strapped Host

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Anyone who hosts regular dinner parties knows that food prep for a large amount of guests means lots of chopping. This is why the one second slicer, an all-in-one food prep and slicing station, is going to be a lifesaver. This handy tool will cut the food prep workload in half and bring back the joy of getting together.

Doing all the slicing and dicing all by hand is hard work. This tool can cut down on time spent on manual food prep. It also keeps chopped materials in one organized location with its handy tupperware compartment that comes with a lid, so you can prepare food ahead and store it for later.

For the Host Who Loves to Have It All

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This salad maker set is the perfect gift for your friend who always breaks out freshly made salads and fruit platters for guests. There are seven interchangeable blades to make sure you’re getting the right result for all types of food textures and sizes.

With the salad spinner, there is no more need to hand dry lettuce. Instead of cutting vegetables and fruit individually, the microplane, graters and dicers will save hours of prep and allow the host to get back to the party.

For the Cup-conscious Host

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Reduce waste and keep track of everyone’s drinks with this handy set of 12 color-coded tumblers. A common problem at parties is wasted cups due to guests not being able to identify which drink is theirs. If your host has had enough of disposable plastic cups that nobody can keep track of, this is the solution.

When all the cups at a party look the same, the result is a lot of waste and extra dishes. However, these reusable color coded tumblers make it easy for guests to know which cup they are using for the entire party. For extra help, this set also comes with name tags!

For the Outdoor Party

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No summer party is complete without a festive inflatable drink cooler. Easy to set up and take down, this gift won’t take up a lot of room in storage when not in use. Unlike other party supplies, this one can fold up like a sheet.

When temperatures rise, this convenient set of holders becomes an instant setup for keeping drinks and other party food cold. And, best of all, these coolers can also float on water and be a floating drink station at the next pool party!

For the Tex-Mex Foodie

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There’s nothing more refreshing at a summer party (or any party for that matter) than a bowl of freshly made guacamole. This granite guacamole bowl makes it a snap for the host to whip up a delicious batch of fresh dip right before guests arrive.

It comes with a granite mortar, pestle and avocado cutting tool that speeds up the guacamole making process. So instead of having to settle for store bought guacamole, entertainers can easily whip up guac for the whole party on the spot.

For Channeling the Inner Barista

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If you are a host who is keen on brunches, coffee dates or tea time, then these cute espresso spoons will be a welcome gift. When you’re throwing a party with coffee, there seems to never be enough stir spoons.

These utensils are also handy for elevated desserts like chocolate mousse. The delicate design on their tips adds a touch of elegance. Their uses are nearly endless — utilize them as sugar spoons or as topping serving spoons for a dessert bar.

For the Eco-friendly Host

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Plastic straws have been getting the spotlight in the news lately for the negative impact they have on the environment. These eco-friendly stainless steel straws are perfect gift for a host who is concerned with using too many disposable straws.

This plentiful set of 16 straws can accommodate a medium-sized gathering. This kit also comes with pipe cleaners so that they can be thoroughly cleaned and ready for use daily. Your can take these reusable straws wherever you go to make a difference, one drink at a time.

For the Sushi Lover

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This beginner sushi set will be a great hit with anyone who loves to serve sushi or is interested in expanding their party dossier. This convenient set has many of the tools to get started. It comes with two rice application tools, rolling mats and a set of five chopsticks.

Each chopstick is beautifully designed with traditional Japanese art and features a different color, which allows guests to keep track of their set easily. Overall, this is a great starter kit with which anyone can throw an intimate sushi party.

For the Dance Party Master

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For anyone who loves to throw a great dance party, this party light that activates by sound will be a hit. This light is a plug-and-play device that has three sound activated lighting modes. The convenient attached bracket allows the light to attach to the wall or ceiling.

No question, this party light will make that next dance party a memorable one, as it will keep the energy on the dance floor buzzing through the night. Though this device is sound activated, its settings can also be manually changed through a corresponding remote control.

For Those Who Want Carb Alternatives

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Noodling vegetables like zucchini, squash and carrots has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years due to an increased awareness of the effects of carbohydrates. Any carb-conscious host will love this zucchini noodler that can turn vegetables into healthy noodle alternatives.

This tool is great for both personal dinners and dinner parties. This device also comes with extras like a vegetable peeler, cleaning brush and storage bag. There are also two bonus vegetable spiralizer eBooks included to give help with recipe inspiration.

For the Organized Labeler

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Throwing a big party often means lots of appetizers and cheese plates that could use some identification. These mini chalkboard signs can help keep the host organized and inform the guests about what they’re putting on their plates.

These rustic mini chalkboards are shatter-resistant and come in a pack of 10. Their minimalistic design makes them easily customizable to match any situation: Dress them up or keep them plain to mesh well with any style of party decor. These are especially good for labeling side dishes at cookouts, types of cheeses and beverages.

For the Artsy One

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Many local shops are embracing the personal touch liquid chalk can give menus and decorations. These liquid chalk markers are the perfect way to add an artistic touch to help take that party decor to the next level.

These are also handy to have on a daily basis for displaying the weekly menu in your kitchen or making a family chore chart. The markers can also be used on white boards, bistro boards and even windows.

For The Practical Host

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When it comes to hosting a party, you can never have too many wooden serving trays. One of the most practical items in the home, a wood tray, is often overlooked as in spite of its incredible versatility and range of uses while hosting.

Your job will be a lot easier with trays that help serve multiple drinks at once. Making many trips to and from the kitchen is time consuming and frustrating. Picking up plates and cups individually after a party also takes a lot of time. However, these trays make clean up so much faster as retrieving used utensils and cups also require fewer back and forth trips.

For the Prepared Host

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You can never have enough food prep supplies. This wooden cutting board, made out of sturdy acacia, wood can serve both as a food prep station and an attractive secondary cheese plate.

This cutting board is ideal for any host, because an extra cutting board or cheese plate can always come in handy. When not in use, a convenient hole on its handle makes it possible to hang on the wall so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in storage.

For the Chocoholic

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This Amazon’s Choice product is a winner for a reason: A high-quality electric fondue maker can turn any ordinary gathering into a decadent chocolate or cheese fountain party. It’s also a handy tool to keep broth and other sauces warm.

This set includes the electric fondue bowl, temperature probe, a fork rack and eight fondue forks. It has a removable temperature control that allows you to set the bowl’s contents to a variety of heat levels, accommodating many different types of recipes.

For the Host Who Serves Cold Drinks

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These absorbent ceramic coasters will ease the mind of any host who always worries about drinks leaving rings on the coffee table.

The unique nature of the ceramic material absorbs moisture that condenses from cold summer beverages, protecting the furniture. The backs of the coasters are also fortified with anti-wear cork, promising long-term use.

Their designs are also unique, colorful and vibrant, but since they are all unique it’s easy to integrate multiple sets around the house. There is also a complementary iron coaster holder included with this set so that the coasters can be easily organized when not in use.

For the Host Who Likes a Little Bubbly

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This wine carrier has everything you need to serve wine and cheese on the go. Complete with a cutting board, cork opener, four glasses and a tote bag to carry wine in a protective padded insulation, you can take the party anywhere.

This tote bag can easily hold two bottles of wine and four glasses, or three bottles and two glasses.The removable divider helps store these items safely while keeping them organized within the carrier. The divider can also be removed to convert the carrier into a standard lunch box, as well. With so many uses, this is a desirable gift for any host who loves wine and snacks!

For Outdoor Parties

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Outdoor parties are fun, but bugs can put a damper on the situation, especially when it comes to food. This set of three food cover tents will keep the bugs away from outdoor food setups and take the stress out of your next cookout.

These mesh tents fold up like umbrellas when not in use and can be carried around easily in their corresponding storage bag. There are also six wind-resistant clips included to keep the nets in place even when there are strong winds. This will make the next outdoor party a snap by keeping bugs away and the food fresh!

For the Coffee Lover

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These small espresso cups are an incredibly charming gift to treasure for years to come. This set comes with four cups, four saucers and four teaspoons. The saucers and cups are made of fine bone china and are the perfect size for your morning shot of espresso.

Though the cups aren’t microwaveable, they are 100% dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup a snap. This charming set contains different pastel-colored cups with added floral detail inside the cup. This is a great gift for the host who loves the finer things in life, whether hosting a party or enjoying an afternoon espresso at home.

For Hosts Who Seek Timeless Gifts

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Guests will admire the timeless appeal of these hand-crocheted placemats decorating your table. These versatile and beautiful crocheted pieces can be used as either a decoration or a functional placemat that will enhance the look of any room. These placemats come in a set of four, so they can serve an intimate tea party or coffee brunch.

They can also serve as a permanent decoration on a night stand or spruce up a coffee table. With so many versatile uses, it’s easy to appreciate this thoughtful accent to a home with refined taste.

For the Host Who’s Into Mood Lighting

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This set of two natural Himalayan salt lamps adds a soothing element to any room’s setup. For the host who loves to set the mood, these lamps emit a soft light and provide a touch of nature.

These seven-inch salt lamps are dimmable so that your hostess can change the amount of lighting in a room at any time. They also are excellent accents to a current design setup that embraces stone work and other natural aesthetics. Each lamp is unique, so they blend in well due to their organic beauty.

For Those Who Appreciate the Finer Details

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These fruit forks add the finishing touch to any kitchen. Serving fruit properly requires these special utensils, though they’re often overlooked. If you like to have all the special utensils for every occasion, supplying everyone with fruit forks will brighten the day.

This Amazon’s Choice product is made out of stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about rust. The neutral design of these forks easily integrates with other existing sets and blends well with nearly any set of china.

For the Host Who Loves A Quick Clean Up

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Summer parties often involve outdoor snacks, which unfortunately means attracting a lot of bugs. But these lidded serving platters are an excellent solution to ensure guests won’t have to worry about their beloved snacks being tampered with.

These trays also allow for convenient and easy cleanup post-party, as you can simply cover up the food with a lid and storing the whole tray in the fridge or on the counter. And, best of all, this product is dishwasher safe!

For the Tech-savvy Host

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If you want to really go the extra mile, the Echo Show 5 will give you the right to boast that your summer party has the most. The Echo Show allows you to play music on demand, find recipes and search the web, and get immediate responses about the weather, date and time.

The Echo Show is an invaluable addition to any kitchen or entertainment area, allowing an instant dance party and source of entertainment. You can even use it to watch Amazon Prime shows and YouTube videos on demand.

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