Stay Active and Have Some Fun With Our Favorite Adult Tricycles for Seniors

Photo Courtesy: Image by Marie LaFauci/Moment/Getty Images

Tricycles aren't just for kids anymore! You can pedal your way to better cardiovascular health by triking, which is becoming the hottest new way to get from place to place — and get a little fresh air and exercise in the process. As the COVID-19 pandemic wages on, adult tricycles also offer an exciting way to engage in some socially distant fun in the great outdoors (and even accomplish some errands while you’re out).

These sturdy, self-powered vehicles are fun for people of all ages, but they’re an especially nice choice in workout and transportation equipment for older people. That’s because they're comfortable to ride, more stable than a two-wheel bicycle (meaning they’re great for people with balance limitations) and have fewer maintenance requirements than mobility scooters. Plus, getting regular physical activity can help seniors improve stamina and muscle strength, reduce symptoms of health conditions like arthritis, limit the risk of falling and even promote a more independent lifestyle — and the novelty of a trike can definitely make the decision to start exercising much more appealing in the first place.

If a tricycle sounds like it might be the encouragement you need to get active and find some simple pleasures outdoors in the time of COVID-19, take a look at a few of the best trikes on the market for seniors.