Adidas Tracksuit Bottoms Are This Year’s Must-Have Athleisure Pants

Photo Courtesy: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Versatile, comfy, casual and oh-so-cool, athleisure — a hybrid of athleticwear and leisure clothing — has taken our closets by storm. And what’s not to love? It blends clothes that you might usually wear for a workout — leggings, yoga pants, sweatshirts, gym shoes — and pairs them with other, often dressier or work-appropriate pieces to create a look that’s perfect (and comfortable) for almost every situation you’ll find yourself in. Over the last several years, Adidas tracksuit bottoms have become a staple of athleisure style, and it’s easy to see why. They’re created with performance features that make them durable. They’re sleek and cut for comfort. And, yeah, they have a little bit of fashion clout, coming from a brand that’s one of the most recognizable titans of the sportswear world and all — those three stripes are pretty unmistakable.

Both comfortable and trendy, Adidas track pants have all but completely taken the place of jeans thanks to their universal wearability and versatility. Once confined to days off work and visits to the gym, track pants are now taking on a whole new feel as they're paired with everything from running shoes to boots to, yes, high heels. People are styling their Adidas tracksuit bottoms with more kinds of outfits than ever before. Ready to hop on this trend? We'll take you through some of our top picks for the hottest track pants around.