The 10 Best Bike Helmets for Cycling Safety

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If you have a bike, you need a helmet, whether you’re 8 years old or 88 years old. Head injuries are common in bike accidents, and they can lead to brain damage and even death. In some places, it’s even against the law not to wear one. Luckily, manufacturers have taken away the stigma of wearing helmets by creating some cool and colorful options. There’s something for everyone, even people who don’t like helmets at all.

Best Overall: Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

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Many reviewers agree that the highly rated Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet has saved their lives on more than one occasion. They also say it’s got a high-quality design, fits comfortably and HAS a cool look. The helmet complies with all U.S. safety standards and contains a shock-absorbing foam liner. It’s available in sizes XS to XL as well as a variety of colors.

Best Value: Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

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The Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet is a great bike helmet that won’t break the bank. Reviewers love that it doesn’t feel like it weighs you down when you ride as well as the 20 built-in vents, especially on hot days. Some reviewers say it looks even better in person than it does in pictures, and they noted the availability of colors. They also appreciate that the helmet is typically under $30, making it a great value.

Best Helmet for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Joovy Noodle Helmet

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If you have a little one who’s new to bike riding, the Joovy Noodle Helmet is the best choice for protecting that little noggin. Available in several fun bright colors, it’s recommended for kids ages 1 to 4 years and meets all U.S standards. Reviewers love the 14 vents that keep their kids from getting hot and sweaty, the extended visor that offers extra protection and the pinch-guard chinstrap. No matter the size of their children’s heads, reviewers also found the helmet to be a great fit.

Best Child-Size Helmet: KAMUGO Kids Helmet

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The KAMUGO Kids Helmet is recommended for kids ages 3 to 8 who love to bike, skate and scoot their way through life. The adjustable strap and turning knob make it easy to adjust to fit your child’s head, and the 11 vents help small heads cool and sweat-free. Reviewers liked the variety of colors, the inexpensive price and the durability. They also noted that it’s comfortable enough that their younger children will wear it without complaining.

Best Helmet for Older Kids: Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

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Recommended for ages 8 to 14, the Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet is the best youth-size helmet on the market. If your kids love biking, skating, skateboarding and other rough-and-tumble sports, its ergonomic design will help comfortably protect them from every fall. It also features 17 vents for keeping cool. Reviewers love the color and design as well as how easy it is to adjust.

Best Helmet for Mountain Biking: Giro Fixture MIPS Bike Helmet

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If you’re into mountain biking, you know how important it is to have a good helmet to protect your head. While the Giro Fixture MIPS Bike Helmet may cost a little more than others on the list, reviewers say it’s worth it. It features wonderful protection against falls, 18 wind-tunnel vents for keeping cool and rugged construction. Users also say that it’s comfortable, durable and fits well.

Best for Commuters: Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

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If your bike is your mode of transportation around the city, you should consider the Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet. Whether you ride to work or just use your bike to get around to run errands, this helmet will keep you safe — and itself safe as well. That’s thanks to the Poplock anti-theft feature. The company even promises that it will replace the helmet if it’s lost or stolen. Otherwise, reviewers love the vegan straps and sustainable practices used to manufacture the helmetas well as the appearance, fit and quality.

Best Helmet for Riding in the Dark: MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

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Whether you like to hit the trails in dark forests or commute at dusk or dawn, the MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet is a must-have. It has a detachable red light on the back that can glow steadily or flash while you ride, making others aware of your presence. Reviewers say the helmet is easy to adjust to ensure it fits just right and a great value. They also praise it as a lightweight, cool and comfortable product.

Best Helmet for Women: Thalia Women’s Bike Helmet

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Many of the helmets on the list are unisex, but the Thalia Women’s Bike Helmet is designed specifically for girls and women ages 14 and up. For this reason, reviewers say it often fits securely and comfortably without being too big and bulky. They also like that it comes in five gorgeous colors, and it’s pretty cheap — you can typically get it for under $20. The helmet features 16 vents for proper air flow to help you keep cool.

Best Helmet for Adventurers: MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet with USB Safety Light & Camera

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MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet with USB Safety Light & Camera

is the perfect helmet for anyone who wants to get out there and explore the world. The camera mount on top makes it easy to photograph and record the amazing sights and sounds that surround you on your adventures. It also features a 15-vent ventilation system, superior protection, a detachable visor and an LED safety light. Reviewers love to use it with their GoPros. They also say it looks good and fits comfortably.

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