Gift Guide: The 5 Most Comfortable Birkenstock Sandals on the Market

Photo Courtesy: @BIRKENSTOCKUSA/Twitter

The Birkenstock brand has spent over 250 years perfecting a shoe footbed that excels in both comfort and support — and shoe designs that deliver style. With contoured cork insoles that provide some serious arch support, and top-notch materials that make every pair of these shoes built to last, Birkenstocks are designed to be as good for foot health as they are for your outfits.

Although Birkenstock originally gained popularity for selling insertable versions of its now-legendary insoles, it branched out into selling its footwear designs and built its reputation around several sandal styles that are still in production today. The company’s lineup has since branched out to include dozens of different shoe styles, and Birkenstock regularly collaborates with top fashion designers to create striking, limited-edition runs of special footwear. It even produces lines of professional shoes geared for workers in the healthcare, culinary and hospitality industries whose jobs involve plenty of time spent on their feet. But the supportive basics are where the company really shines, and if you’re beginning to build your Birkenstock collection, there are some essentials you really can’t live without.